AVG7 taking longer to do full scan

  Nosmas 10:26 22 May 2005

I have always had AVG set to do a full scan of my system in the early hours every day. When I was using AVG6 the number of files scanned was normally in the region of 48K and took around 50 minutes to complete.

When I moved to AVG7 a few months ago the number of 'objects' scanned immediately jumped to around 67K but the time taken was only about 35 minutes. Just recently I have noticed the time taken has begun to increase (for roughly the same number of objects) and this morning it was logged as 51 minutes. This increased time seems to have coincided with a big update that was downloaded a few days ago.

Have any other readers noticed this sort of behaviour on their system, and if so any ideas as to the reason for it? I am not particularly worried by the increased time taken as it happens in the early hours when I am not using the system, but am curious to know why it has suddenly changed.

  Nosmas 18:47 22 May 2005


  Nosmas 21:24 25 May 2005

For the past few days the time taken has always been in the region of 50 minutes. Any comments/suggestions/experiences from anyone please?

  €dstowe 06:38 26 May 2005

I noticed yesterday that my AVG scans are taking longer after the big update of the other day.

On one machine the time has jumped from 36 minutes to 48 minutes. There has been little change to the amount of data on the machine.

  Nosmas 10:50 26 May 2005

Thanks for your response. It seems likely then that the increased time is due to the way the latest update of the program is working. Strange that no-one else has commented though.

  BEN MARSHALL 11:22 26 May 2005

you may need to defragment your pc for info search google.com or add more rem to your machien speeding up the performance!

  Nosmas 13:28 26 May 2005

I do a regular defrag of my system and already have 256MB of RAM (for W98). Although more RAM might speed up performance, the question remains as to why it suddenly takes a lot longer to perform the full scan, given that virtually nothing has changed (e.g no new software installed) on my (and Edstowe's) system except for the updated AVG7 program.

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