AVG7 Free... Attachment issue

  Simsy 11:44 29 Jan 2005

Hi folks...

This is not a problem as such, but something you might want to be aware of. It's not dangerous, but may cause confusion...

It came to my attention as part of the project of getting my dad connected to the internet, and using email safely, and how to handle attachments.

The background, basically, is that I have told hime to be wary of emails that have attachments.

We both have AVG7 (free edition).

In AVG7 free, (and presumeably the paid for version as well), you have the option the "certify" that outgoing emails have been scanned for viruses. If you do so the email has what appears to be text appended to the end that says something like; "Certified free of Viruses. Checked by AVG version No... blah, blah". (Forgive me, but I'm writing this at work so don't have access to the exact details of what's written!)

However, when recieved in Outlook Express, the email appears to have an attchment, (there is a "paperclip" in the "attachments" column).

So it seems that this added "certificate" is an attachment.

But there is no, (obvious), way of saving this attachment, and seperatly virus checking it... which is a discipline I'm trying to get dad into.

The "solution", (which only works with emails from me!"), is for me to change my AVG settings such that the outgoing message scanner only "certifies" that the email is clean if there is an attachment, by ticking the appropriate box in the email scanner properties.

I hope this makes sense, and may be of use to someone!

Apologies if it has only caused confusion!!



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