AVG6 will not uninstall

  bremner 19:53 08 Jul 2003

After failing to stop a W32.Sobig C virus I have tried to uninstall AVG 6.

I have cleaned the virus off the machine using the Symantec removal program and have run Norton 2003 (Booting directly to the CD) and the machine is clean.

However prior to installing the NAV 2003 I want to uninstall AVG6. When I try either from the Add/Remove Programs or from the uninstall AVG icon in Start> Programs I get the following message:-

?The Win16 subsystem was unable to enter protected mode, DOSX.exe must be in your autoexec.NT and present in your path.?

Can anyone please tell me what this means and what I can do to complete the uninstall?

O/S is XP HE on a Athlon 2000+ system.


  Philip2 20:03 08 Jul 2003

Have you tried to reinstall then uninstall AVG

  bremner 20:07 08 Jul 2003

The problem with that is that my son, whose machine it is, has deleted the download and accompanying e mail giving the install code!

  Zak 21:13 08 Jul 2003

No problem. Just download again. You'll have to give your email and name to get the instal code, before you are allowed to download. The AVG Free version is still version 6 on the

click here

site .

Shortly it seems it will be replaced by version 7. just checked today and version 6 is the current download free version.

Good Luck.

  Gaz 25 21:18 08 Jul 2003

AVG didnot stop the virus?

Anyway, as above try reinstalling, if not you would have to use a dedicated uninstaller.

  bremner 21:44 08 Jul 2003

Thanks for the suggestions I will download and reinstall.

This has been a lesson for me. I suppose you get what you pay for at the end of the day. It's bye bye AVG welcome NAV.

  bremner 15:44 09 Jul 2003

Tried the re install route.

Unfortunately get same error message on trying an installation.

This did not occur when loading another piece of software.

  Philip2 16:01 09 Jul 2003

Sorry to read bremner you still have your problem it looks like you will have have to format and reinstall your OS thats a real pain.
I ended up doing that when i had a problem with Cleansweep thats what i got when i tried tobe to clever for my own good.

  Gaz 25 17:17 09 Jul 2003

You can remove all the settings in AVG to disable it.

Then try before you wipe it, to delete all files, start-up commands and registry keys related to AVG, it should then be Ok.

  Belatucadrus 17:31 09 Jul 2003

Try these before going the reformat route :-

click here

click here

Surprised that a Sobig variant got through AVG, mine successfully caught a couple of copies of Sobig E about a week ago.

  Jester2K II 17:40 09 Jul 2003

Depends if AVG was up to date...

Try these (remove the spaces)

http:// support. microsoft. com/ default.aspx?scid=kb%3ben-us%3b222975

http:// support. microsoft. com/ default.aspx?scid=kb%3ben-us%3b165214

From the first one....

Many Setup programs are 16-bit utilities that require Windows NT Virtual DOS Machine support (NTVDM). If one or more Windows on Windows dynamic link library (DLL) files are missing, NTVDM cannot properly support the Setup program.

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