AVG & Zone Alarm ~ a short tale

  wee eddie 12:56 23 Mar 2010

There have been a couple of threads lately regarding conflicts between AVG & Zone Alarm.

Initially I solved the problem by disabling the Link Scanner, but about two weeks ago the problem became critical.

frequently I found it difficult to link within websites and sometimes, even Logging-on needed several tries.

I had Spybot, with Teatimer, running. So I deleted, that which appeared to alleviate the problem somewhat, however only a little bit.

I've been happy with AVG and was loath to change it.

So, I downloaded COMODO > came offline > used CCleaner to clear up the Registry > installed COMODO > went back on-line > updated it.

Problem solved ~ connection singing along and all links functioning with alacrity.

  Jollyjohn 14:55 23 Mar 2010

I had similar issues and I went down the route of removing zonealarm and reverted to windows defender. I still have AVG with link scanner disabled. So far so good.

  MAT ALAN 15:06 23 Mar 2010

I had been a fan of AVG and ZA from the start but since my PC became a tad unstable i decided to change, so i now have AVAST free and COMODO free and there is a noticable diference...

  SURVEY 14:21 30 Mar 2010

Yes, changed AVG for Avast as AVG/Zonealarm could not or would not solve the conflict themselvs.

  scales 21:33 31 Mar 2010

Same again. After years of using AVG Free I have finally given up on it. Last year the issue with AVG and IE8 meant I reinstalled IE umpteen times and this year they update AVG and then blame ZoneAlarm for the problem. I am now using ZoneAlarm with Avast and all is smooth again. My confidence in AVG is somewhat dented.

  Zak 10:12 02 Apr 2010

Latest ZA update 9.1.507.000 & AVG9 updates 9.0.800 appear to have fixed slow browser issues. I do btw have the security toolbars for both products disabled.

I am now very happy as browsing is as smooth as ever.

  Chris the Ancient 10:27 02 Apr 2010

Why do so many people want Zone Alarm?

I accept that it is a firewall. But what percentage of home pc users without ZA or a firewall has been hacked?

I have a Netgear router that has an in-built firewall. Isn't this enough anyway?


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