AVG & Zone Alarm instead of Norton Int Security

  murgle 11:06 02 May 2005


I have recently reinstalled windows and have installed AVG Antivirus and Zone Alarm instead of renewing Norton Internet security.

Will these 2 free programs protect my PC as well as Norton. The PC seems to be running faster since dropping Norton but I'm concerned about the overall protection.

Is there any security problems I should be aware of.


  Tree3 11:08 02 May 2005

avg abd zone alarm should be ok....i prefer them to Norton and other internet security software

  reddwarf 11:10 02 May 2005

This is the setup that I use. Whether it is better than or worse than NIS I wouldn't like to say, but I find it more than enough for my needs.

  Pooke100 11:19 02 May 2005

NIS 2005 for sygate free firewall and AVG free. I am more than pleased, except for wasting 40 quid on Norton! Didn't use Zone Alarm cos it gave me problems.

NIS is a greedy pig for system resources. My PC is only 4 months old, and Norton reduced it to a crawl. It flies along now without it!!!!

Athlon XP 3200+ and 1GB of RAM is what I have.

  961 11:21 02 May 2005

You'll need a couple of anti spyware programmes as well

I suggest Microsoft Anti spyware, spybot search and destroy, and spywareblaster. Keep them updated

  Tenacious Green 11:54 02 May 2005

AVG Zone Alarm work very well together and have not(touch wood)caused me any problems. Norton is a good antivirus but is too much of a resource pig. The amount of people who tell me how much faster their PC is running when I remove Norton and replace with ZA and AVG is amazing.

You've made a good choice.

  murgle 12:31 02 May 2005

Many thanks for your replies so far.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:27 02 May 2005

Firewall --- Zone Alarm

Antivirus --- AVG or Avast

Antispyware ---- Spywareblaster (blocker), MsAntispy or Spybot S&D and Adaware.

Will potect your computer better than NIS at no cost

  Jak_1 19:39 02 May 2005

I have been using the Zonealarm AVG setup for about 4 years now with no problems. Also have all the usual antispyware progs. Beats paying an anual subscription.

  Arnie 20:04 02 May 2005

I now use ZoneAlarm firewall with Antivirus. It is around 10Mb to download and just under £30 for 2 licences.

I find once set up, it works in the background with no input from me.

After e-mailing them, Zonelabs promptly gave me the exact pricing including British vat.

After using their free firewall for around 3 years, I thought I would give them something back for their excellent past service.

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