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  Furkin 08:30 04 Jun 2010

For some time now, I have had to turn Windows Firewall off in Zone Alarm to enable me to download AVG updates. (A bit of a pig, but livable)

I need to update AVG today & went to turn the FW off as per usual, but although it says OFF on the ON / OFF page, it still shows as ON in the ZA Security Centre page.

I have re-booted the machine both with the ON on & the OFF on - to no avail.

Any ideas please ?


  Furkin 10:25 04 Jun 2010

Current AVG:


Have turned off Windows Firewall as well as Z.A Firewall - AVG will still not update.

Up till today, just turning off ZA FW would suffice,,,, but not now.

  jack 10:38 04 Jun 2010

I appreciate the you are possibly running ZA as a fire wall- but it is much more then that.
Choice is this
AVG plus Win Firewall.
or ZA suite - the whole works.
The golden rule is only one AV program and firewall.

  folsom 10:40 04 Jun 2010

Are you using free or paid for version? If free ensure you are updating from free page because they will not update from paid for page as per note below from AVG site.

Important notice for AVG Free Users
The listed program updates should not be used for the AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition. AVG Free users can perform the update directly from within the program, or download updates from AVG Free.

  Sea Urchin 11:55 04 Jun 2010

When you install ZoneAlarm it usually automatically disables the Windows Firewall. I ran ZoneAlarm happily for many years, but recently found it was becoming more invasive, and interrupting shutdown and also not allowing System Restore to operate properly. I've now changed to the free Comodo Firewall, and have no regrets at all.

  Furkin 12:01 04 Jun 2010

Thanks guys,
For the moment, I think i'll stick to the Windows Firewall.

I didn't think that I had a problem running both,,,, but i'm not clever enough to know what it's doing in the background !?

Either way, after disabling, I could usually update from the AVG User Interface. I tried updating straight from the Update button previously, but it downloaded a full & new version 9.0,,,, which caused all sorts of problems.
I have reverted to 8.5 Free,,,, and all was well until today.


  Furkin 12:19 04 Jun 2010

I disabled ZA all together, then tried Update again. This time it worked.

I think that my system WAS only running Windows Firewall,,,,,, I think (!?!?) it was just that it showed up in Z.Alarm !

Anyway - another Result.

cheers all

  Sea Urchin 12:22 04 Jun 2010

To find out which firewall is running you can look in Control Panel - Security Center. Click the down arrows and it will tell you which firewall is active.

  morddwyd 19:36 04 Jun 2010

I ran ZA for many years, but changed to Windows firewall when I installed Win 7.

However, this very week I have gone back to ZA.

I would never try running two firewalls, ZA and Windows, at once.

I have no compatibility problems with ZA and AVG.

  john 52 20:54 04 Jun 2010

I ave used Zone alarm firewall for along time but as Sea Urchin has said it interfered with system restore and shut down !!
On a recommendation from a forum member I downloaded the free PC tools firewall and it seems to work okay .

OP system is XP

  Furkin 08:39 05 Jun 2010

Thanks for that. I was running only one FW,,,, but it was ZA (Free).
I have now turned that off and enabled the Windows one - only.

thanks for your input - comments noted.
As I said above, apart from AVG I didn't think I had a problem (& this was only since I tried installing v9),,,,, but who knows ?!
I run XP sp3.

Thanks to all readers & contributers.

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