avg and za pro

  pat2068 01:49 22 Jun 2006

i use both the above programs but ofter the latest za updates i keep getting a alert from za that avg is trying to change host files etc and if i allow it or not everytime avg scans i get the alert can anyone help thanks leo

  xania 09:04 22 Jun 2006

You are getting the alert because you are changing settings, but, in this case you know its ok so you can allow it. You should have a facility to allows allow this and if you set it, you should stop getting the additional alerts.

  Diemmess 09:28 22 Jun 2006

Plain Zone Alarm is enough for ordinary mortals on home computers. Are you sure you havn't accidentally loaded the Pro version, which is not free?

Even if you haven't, any update will start over again asking whether you want to allow almost every important file!

It is a very good defender, but you must run this gauntlet, and remember to put a tick in the wee box which ensures it won't ask you again.

  pat2068 17:55 22 Jun 2006

the alert comes up when avg starts to scan and i dont have the box to tick so it remembers that i have allowed it i am getting it on 2 different computers any more help thanks leo

  Diemmess 18:10 22 Jun 2006

I am wondering whether you disabled avg while you installed ZA?

It is always worthwhile going "the long way round" when updating ZA.
What I mean (for Zone Alarm) is to download but NOT open ZA.
Then come offline, and disable AVG.
Finally double click the stored ZA and accept the update which will maintain your present settings.
You can keep going to finish and avoid all the rigmarole of details for ZA and then reboot.

This will restart AVG as well as the updated Zone Alarm and should run both in the background, though you may have to accept all over again files like avgnet and so on. In fact I did it this afternoon, but all is peaceful again now.

AVG seldom causes me any bother, only ZA after an update will go once through the litany of "do you want to allow..." (mainly ISP files).

  pat2068 19:07 22 Jun 2006

i sorted it by uninstalling and reinstalling za on both computers

  Diemmess 19:23 22 Jun 2006

Thats good

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