AVG for Windows has found Trojan Horse "Turown A"

  First Bass 02:54 14 Feb 2004

Hi! I'm running a PC with Windows XP, and have Zone Alarm, NAV 2002 and AVG Viruschecker running. AVG found this Trojan Horse, and "Healed" the file, but keeps repeating the message "Virus Trojan Horse Downloader, Turown A is found in file c:\system Volume Information\_restore.....To remove this virus, please run AVG for Windows". The first time I ran AVG I got the log file response that the file had been healed, but the message keeps popping up! I tried running a PCA provided fix for the registry called Trojfix.reg that updates the registry by one increment after the file has been removed (healed) but this has made no difference. What is going on here?

  JIM 03:00 14 Feb 2004

Did you disable system restore before using the antivirus program and the provided fix for the registry ?

  First Bass 03:20 14 Feb 2004

Hi Jim. Nope. Will turn it off this time! Worrying that AVG, XP and Zone Alarm firewall let this Trojan through, and that NAV 2002 has no detail of this trojan in their virus list.

  JIM 04:50 14 Feb 2004

incase your still in trouble check the link.

click here

  georgemac 07:54 14 Feb 2004

click here for how to get rid of it - thanks to jester2k

I'm beginning to wonder if a lot of these trojans have been on peoples pc's for quite some time and only the recent updates of avg can find them.

  First Bass 14:27 14 Feb 2004

The pop up message has gone. Good point by georgemac. It was AVG's most recent (13/2) update that found this Trojan. Jim, I thought 'why not run 2 viruscheckers?' - the NAV did not find this Trojan, (symantec didn't list it in their virus database). Also, morbidly, what would be the consequence of running the restore if you didn't find the virus?


  anon1 15:31 14 Feb 2004

one of the joys of system restore. Interestingly there are many dedicated antitrojan softwares that only find a fraction of trojans. Many "trojans" are in fact harmless spyware that will not damage the computer. In fact if you look at the avg website they do not even list that trojan in thier database. Yours is not the only post where avg are showing infections and yet have no record of such in their own data bases nor any other antivirus lists

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