AVG ver8 won't update both XP and Vista

  Wrighty 21:41 28 Aug 2008

Hi there,

Have a desktop XP home and a laptop running Vista and I am having problems running updating AVG on both machines.

the update starts to run the definations/update box appears and it does start to run update.

Then a box appears on the screen saying update failed. It takes 4 or 5 atempts to get it to update on both machines.

Today the desktop took 2 attempts and it updated on the 3rd try. However tonight the Vista laptop I have tried 6 times and it still will not update.

AVG Version 8 I am running and up until this week I had no problems.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


  cocteau48 21:47 28 Aug 2008

Try to download them manually:
click here

  interzone55 21:52 28 Aug 2008

It seems that Grisoft have had some more update problems.

I managed to update mine manually about 30 minutes ago, try again and yours may work...

  Technotiger 21:56 28 Aug 2008

I am having the same 'problem' - but I am not in the least bit worried, I know AVG is still doing its job. The reason for the so-called problem is no doubt purely down to everybody trying to update at the same time. I shall just try every now and then until mine completes, I am sure it will be alright on=the-night as they say!!

  Wrighty 22:04 28 Aug 2008

Hi all,

Many thanks for all your replies. I will try them.
Glad to know I am not the only one having problems.

Thanks again

  Technotiger 08:15 29 Aug 2008

My update completed successfully this morning!

  manrow 08:38 29 Aug 2008

There are some very large updates to download today, amounting to some 4.6Mb when I started! As someone has posted above it is the AVG server which is being overloaded and although the download started at its usual high speed, it faded away to under 9kbs, and then failed.


  manrow 08:54 29 Aug 2008

There are also 16 files to update, and that even though I update daily!

  crosstrainer 09:09 29 Aug 2008

On a neighbours machine....Tried again this morning, and it all went fine....The updates have to be downloaded one at a time, so when it tells you it's up to date, it isn't.

Click update again, and reapeat the process until it reports that it's up to date.

  manrow 10:00 29 Aug 2008

You are quite right crosstrainer, and in any case just had another one arrive even though downloaded all available under an hour ago!

  Wrighty 14:10 29 Aug 2008

Hi Folks,
Many thanks for all your advice. Typically it has worked fine today no probs at all.

However I doubt that it will continue like that.
Hopefully AVG are aware of problems so maybe that they will rectify any server problems.

Thanks again for all your help


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