AVG v6 Free stops in Dec. 04?

  Miss Happy 22:07 08 Nov 2004

Just went to AVG Grisoft sites to find the reason for such a large virus def. update, 3mb+ of it for v6. I was shocked to find, I dont know if I have read it right, AVG v6 is not being supported - no defs. nothing from December 2004! It doesnt make it clear, but I think we now have to *purchase* v7? Can anyone clarify this, also truggle8 posted this today:
hey has anyone notriced avg 6.0 is being discontinued in december
I hope they do not mean there will be no more free AVG? I know a lot of people would say we are lucky to have had it this long. In the past I bought an expensive anti-virus prog/ security suite. which messed up my internet connection and I wasnt the only one. I was very dissapointed but was lucky to have another PC not with that prog. loaded. I have used AVG for years and sung it's praises, as have many others which in turn gives them their great name. Never mind, have to look at another prog, trouble is they always seem so technical - I am not!

  Buchan 35 22:33 08 Nov 2004

I agree with all you said

  stalion 22:35 08 Nov 2004

a very good free alternative to avg for windows xp is this, updates every day have used it for six months no problems
click here

  Rtus 22:37 08 Nov 2004
  Bagsey 22:37 08 Nov 2004

As I understand it there will be a free version of AVG7 which is beta testing at this time. Current users will be informed when it is ready for download, presumably before the December deadline.

  ton 22:38 08 Nov 2004

There will be a free version of 7.

According to the site you will be informed when it is available.

  joesoaps 22:38 08 Nov 2004

Just in case it's true click here
I find this better than AVG

  Pesala 22:47 08 Nov 2004

AVG 6 will no longer be supported after December 31st, but AVG 7.0 will be available from November. click here

All current AVG 6.0 Free users will be able to upgrade to the new AVG Free Edition before December 31, 2004

click here

  pj123 22:54 08 Nov 2004
  Pesala 22:55 08 Nov 2004

I just downloaded what I thought was the installation package for AVG Free 7.0. Got my confirmation email and license number, but the installation program says AVG 6.0 ??

The file name is avg6781fu_free.exe so I guess it is version 6.0. Looks like I have jumped the gun.

  Rtus 22:56 08 Nov 2004

Personally I aint loadin nowt else but an Avg product ,Its never let me or down.nuff said on that though eh..

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