AVG users !!

  skidzy 16:08 14 Nov 2008

Hello everyone,just a quickie;

Has anyone else experienced a trojan being flagged by AVG today


Google's information seems to point to it has arose today and obviously AVG is flagging this.

Looks like the process of SVCHost is infected,or maybe its a possible false positive.

AVG will not heal or contain this in the vault.

Currently running MBAM and SAS to see if this picks this up,will post if any news.

AVG database does not seem to have any info on this as of yet.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:12 14 Nov 2008

Seems to have been a problem all week with the latest AVG updates.

several threads on the forum regarding these problems
click here

click here

  skidzy 16:19 14 Nov 2008

As an update;
It has apparently infected Flashplayer 10a

I was on a few DSLR sites last night and maybe the infection came from one of them ?

MBAM and SAS find nothing as of yet.

Now going to remove Flashplayer and clean up the registry and reboot,see what happens.

Fruit Bat /\0/\ cheers for the links,i had seen them and was wondering if AVG is going downhill lately.

That said,i have seven machines here all running AVG and never had an issue to worry about....il have a play around and see if the other machines have this.

  provider 2 16:49 14 Nov 2008


AVG seems to be aware of it now:

click here

  birdface 17:03 14 Nov 2008

Hi.Just updated mine and gave it a run and nothing was found.

  skidzy 17:07 14 Nov 2008

Spot on mate,manual update with a small 16kb file solved the issue (so far),cheers for the link.

Always looking for the worse case scenario and totally forgot to try a manual update...went straight for MBAM and SAS Lol.

Ok all seems well again.

Hope this helps others :-)

  skidzy 17:09 14 Nov 2008

maybe not all will get this if updated,i got in from work and booted the pc and bang in my face.As ive said above,a small definition update seems to have cured this now.
Thankyou for your input buteman.

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