AVG updates ...slow responses ; or none at all

  p;3 15:47 29 Jan 2006

anyone else experiencing this? AVG is struggling with its updating seemingly; tried several times to connect for the update but no success; just me or you lot out there too?

  johndrew 15:59 29 Jan 2006

I had the problem about a week ago and ended up with a virus. Whether the virus rode on the back of the update or was already there I`m not certain but it stopped AVG working. I wish I was more knowledgeable on these matters but all I can do is make others aware of my experiences.

Hope this helps in some way.

  ROYWIDD 16:03 29 Jan 2006

Hello p;3,I too am having similar problems updating AVG.One way of getting updates is to go to the website,and download from there.Over to the more knowledgeable members out there for further help and ideas...

  ROYWIDD 16:09 29 Jan 2006

click here try this

  spuds 16:20 29 Jan 2006

Slow or problem downloading happens from time to time. I generally find that a return visit, one or two hours later solves the problem.A year or more ago, there was a problem with downloading, and alternative links were required, but this problem was soon patched.

johndrew- I think that you will find that any virus that you had, would not have rode on the back of an AVG download. Possibly picked it up, in between updating.

Hi p;3 I have the same problem three times today, received message to try again. Hope this reassures you and the forum. Regards esso.

  Al94 19:53 29 Jan 2006

That's why I moved to Avast free from AVG several months ago. No problems with it at all and it updates automatically

  scales 20:13 30 Jan 2006

I just had the same problem. I have been trying to update for a couple of days so I removed the AVG entries from the program controls in the firewall and tried again. Up popped the attempting to connect prompt in the firewall, I said accept, and it went off and completed the update with the latest entries for today.

  MIke 20:37 30 Jan 2006

I too gave up on AVG months ago, and have also moved to Avast, as Al94 says it updates automatically with no problems at all.


  Totally-braindead 20:40 30 Jan 2006

I just got mine to update a few minutes ago after several attempts, a bit annoying I'll admit but remember it is free.

  Halmer 20:54 30 Jan 2006


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