AVG Updates

  gudda96 13:21 22 Oct 2003

Do any members who update AVG also update their recue floppy disks also.

If so, can you clarify how many disks you have and update and what do you name them.

  gudda96 17:45 22 Oct 2003


What we are supposed to do is go online and update our AVG proggie (now 324) and after doing so, we should update our disks by going through the "create disk" procedure.

My troubl is that although I have done this for many months or years, it has suddenly said, disk was not created.

On my normal forum, there seems different views on how many diskd we should have and what we should do.

If there is a techie expert out there, I would appreciate some clarification on subject and said in a step x step way please.

  gudda96 08:42 23 Oct 2003


The disks are insurance for the time when pc crashes and they will help restore the system,I THINK.


You are now saying what I was previously told

1 disk should be called Boot
2 disks should be called rescue 1 & 2.

Then I was told to re-name them 1-2-3 because 2 & 3 were not big enough for update.

Then I was told, boot disk should not be updated so you might understand my confusion.

  gudda96 09:14 23 Oct 2003

Sorry guys

Some of the answers are confusing me further
I dont know what "totally pointless" refers to.

If I was starting today without any disks, what should i do, and after I have done it, whichor how many should I update.

  gudda96 10:31 23 Oct 2003


Like you, I have been updating the floppies for years and I know how to do it but I AND DOZENS of other people on click here forum have been having trouble as an error box appears saying"disk was not created".

I shall ask again...

If I start again this morning with NEW disks, should I first do an AVG BOOT disk and put that away.

Then start to "create disk" following prompts to insert another disk and if successful, mark them as rescue disk 1/2 or 3 depending on how much download.

Also I would think that the number of 1.44 disks would be the same for everyone as we are all downloading the same info?

  gudda96 14:45 23 Oct 2003

Jester & Others

Done it!! I formatted my 3 disks and have downloaded updates it took the 3 disks and I have called them Rescue 1-2-3.

originally I was told to name one disk Boot disk
and the others rescue disks.

Anyway, I also discovered something that might have cocked things up, I had partially covered the 2 holes on disks, the one you slide to protect.

Thanks for all your help and patience.

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