AVG - Update & system scan

  zant 11:37 17 Sep 2007

My friend has asked me for help regarding AVG. I don’t use AVG so am asking for help prior to climbing in. He has recently bought a new computer with Vista Home Premium, and downloaded the free version of AVG which he tells me works fine. Every time he boots up it runs an update followed by a system scan and he can’t find out how to stop it and convert to manual use. Any help would be appreciated.

  malcolme 11:56 17 Sep 2007

Click - AVG Icon on Desktop
Click - Schedular
Select - Test plan in basic mode and untick box periodically start scheduled antivirus test - click ok

  zant 12:05 17 Sep 2007

Thanks malcolme. Sounds easy enough, hope to see him tomorrow.

  birdface 12:06 17 Sep 2007

Launch AVG Test Center.Click on schedular.Highlight test plan in basic mode.Edit schedule.And untick Periodically run anti-virus check.Ok.That should do it.

  malcolme 12:11 17 Sep 2007

Ok mate - Good luck

  zant 12:13 17 Sep 2007

Thanks buteman. Looks like you and malcolme are telling me the same thing. Looking forward to delving into a new (for me) programme. Will get back in a day or so.

  birdface 12:30 17 Sep 2007

Yes the scan can be a nuisance at start up,I always run it when I want it to run.You can also change the time for up-dating by doing the same as before ,But highlighting Up-Date in Basic mode.Edit schedule and change the time. But as it is fairly quick i just let it up-date on start up.Its up to the individual what they prefer. Anyhow best of luck.

  zant 12:54 17 Sep 2007

Yes, he says the procedure takes about 30 mins, but I think that will be the download and scan. I can’t imagine the download taking more than a few seconds especially on a daily basis and using cable BB. Thanks again for the info.

  zant 08:14 21 Sep 2007

Hello to malcolme and buteman. Managed to visit my friend and carry out your suggestions and I'm pleased to advise all is well. He is very happy and now has the update on auto and the scan manually. I have also had fun learning about a prog unknown to me. Thanks both for your help.

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