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AVG Update problems

  Ashrich 19:12 27 Apr 2007

Anyone having AVG free Update problems , 2 of my machines are trying to update themselves and I get an error message saying The server name cannot be converted to the IP address , also cannot update manually from the Free AVG site , so it seems like they might be down , anyone else getting this ?


  Ashrich 19:42 27 Apr 2007

Thanks for the reply STREETWORK , but I doubt that both firewalls would simultaneously stop it , actually , it will connect , tell me there is a priority download the come up with the error when it tries to download , and it also can't resolve the IP address from the AVG update page on the website .

I have just turned both firewalls off and it hasn't made any difference , wonder if it is my ISP ?

Also connected my laptop directly to the modem bypassing the router and it is still happening , hmmmm.....


  Ashrich 23:01 27 Apr 2007

Thanks for the replies guys , I've solved the problem by installing Nod32 instead , I had run it with full licenses on XP Pro and as I am now happy that version 2.7 is stable on Vista it's goodbye to AVG


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