AVG Update problem

  scooby43 23:21 17 Sep 2003

hi I have got a problem with my update I did the update and each time I open avg it thinks its 14 days out of date anyone know what the problem is I have even tried reinstalling it aswel and tried reupdating still the same problem cheers

  LastChip 23:48 17 Sep 2003

Go into AVG Control Center and have a look under the Information Tab. (at the bottom).

If it's up to date, it should be 317, but 316 would not be out of date.

  scooby43 00:04 18 Sep 2003

it says 317 and the date is 17/9/2003 which is today but yet it still tells me its out of date

  LastChip 00:26 18 Sep 2003

but is your computer set to the correct date?

Remember, all software that is date related, compares it's values, against known values (in this case - current date) on the system.

  doug vem 00:30 18 Sep 2003

totally agree with LastChip. I've been caught out many times by this when for some reason or other my system date has changed.

  scooby43 08:45 18 Sep 2003

hi thanks for your posts it didnt actually occur to me that when I double clicked the date in the tasbar it the date and month was right but the year was 2000 I have changed it now thanks for help I wonder why it changed in the first place


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