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AVG UPdate hangs computer

  Ian in Northampton 12:37 16 Mar 2010

AVG Free 9.0 updated itself a couple of days ago and, unusually, asked me to reboot to complete the update. I got round to doing this last thing last night. This morning, I find the system has hung on the desktop with a constant 'egg timer' on the screen. Hard rebooting it produces the identical result. I'm confident it's the AVG Update that has caused this. System is XP. Has anyone else had this problem in the last couple of days - and how did you fix it?

  northumbria61 12:48 16 Mar 2010

It appears the update has caused your problem. You can download the file again (version 9.0) and save to your desktop. If I can remember from my XP days if you can either RUN the file again or go into Control Panel where you can select AVG and there should be an option to REPAIR. Either way download the file first.

  Ian in Northampton 13:15 16 Mar 2010

Northumbria, thanks - that's unfortunately not an option, as the system doesn't respond to the mouse. Buteman: I think that may be the way forward. Sea Urchin: I'm not a ZA user, but I'll take a look at those forums, see what they say. Thanks all.

  beeuuem 13:44 16 Mar 2010

This happened to me yesterday, the system just stopped as the taskbar loaded. The mouse icon moved but didn't work. I thought it was something I had done. It wan't ZA as I have Outpost.

I had to use Acronis TI boot disk to get the system back up, fortunately I had an image from 13.03. Ran the AVG update later without any problem although it didn't ask to reboot. Maybe the faulty update had been removed.

Ian in Northampton - can you go back to the 'Last Known Good Configuration' usually accessed from F8 during boot up?

  Ian in Northampton 13:52 16 Mar 2010

Beeuuem: thanks. Frustratingly, I'm at work - but I think I know how I'm going to be spending my evening once I get home... :-( I plan to try booting in Safe Mode and going back via System Restore, or doing what you suggest. Second-to-worst case, I have a Norton image I can reload. But as I only rebuilt the machine a month ago after contracting a virus, very very worst case is another rebuild. I'll let you know tomorrow how I get on this evening.

  beeuuem 14:28 16 Mar 2010

It is as, you say frustrating in the extreme. The more so as you haven't done anything to bring it about.
I have rarely really needed to use TI, usually it is just quicker to restore to a good image than tofind and solve a problem. But it has seriously saved my bacon a couple of times.

Good luck this evening.

  Ian in Northampton 14:50 16 Mar 2010

Beeuuem, thanks. Re back up - I guess I redefine paranoia... My two internal 250GB drives are backed up to two external 250GB drives, which are backed up to a 1TB external drive. And then, every month, I attach a different 1TB drive and do a back up, removing the final backup to another room... :-( Like you, I've seldom had to resort to Norton - and, perhaps foolishly, have never treid to boot from the Norton rescue disk. Tonight might be a learning experience...

  aitch2 15:38 16 Mar 2010

Have just done the update with AVG. No problems whatsover! Lucky?


  Ian in Northampton 16:06 16 Mar 2010

Aitch: damn your eyes... ;-) Actually, it's interesting. I provide 'support' for my wife's laptop (Vista), daughter's PC (VC), daughter's netbook (XP), daughter's laptop (Vista) and son's PC (XP) and thus far, none of them has complained about anything. But then, knowing them, if AVG is asking them to reboot, they're just ignoring it...

  Ian in Northampton 17:06 16 Mar 2010

Well, 'last known good config' didn't work - the PC obviously didn't think it had a problem - but system restore to the weekend seems to have done the trick. And, strangely, the AVG database shows itself as up to date, running a database dated today. Just to more precisely describe the problem, by the way, the system was hanging as it was loading the taskbar. Double-clicking on any program shortcut on the desktop produced the egg timer. But anyway: onwards, upwards - for now. I'm starting to think seriously about MSE, though - although this is the first significant problem I've had, there have been one too many horror stories about inadequately QA'ed AVG Free updates. I guess you get what you pay for...

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