Avg Update causing Problems

  eedcam 18:27 17 Mar 2010

Cant be sure its avg but this morning after updating avg 9 had multi probs trying to get on line.Varying from no access to only access through Google and then by some links only .My Isp had me alter settings on my router still no joy .Then suggested I try with Firefox same problem .In the end did a restore and now seems ok .As I said all was fine prior to the update and may just be coincidence but perhaps someonelse has some Ideas

  User-1229748 18:33 17 Mar 2010

seems others have had problems click here

  eedcam 18:51 17 Mar 2010

Cheers of course they blame zone alarm never their fault

  L_Driver 20:13 17 Mar 2010

Not just coincidence. After update last Friday 12/3/2010 my browser refused to take me to a number of sites ( IE8 ). I have Zone Alarm also running. I sys restored to prior to update and all runs smooth again. However AVG updated again today 17/3 and once more I`m getting browser hangs and very very slow response. Current AVG vers is 9.0.791 I am once more going to restore to prior to todays update. Will report back.

  L_Driver 20:36 17 Mar 2010

Ok. Have restored to prior to todays AVG update. My AVG vers now reads 9.0.733. All OK with browsing. ZA is also running. All OK even when I switch AVG Search-Shield between On/Off. Definitely probs with my recent AVG update.

  L_Driver 20:52 17 Mar 2010

Sincerest apologies. Bum stear. In fact on vers 9.0.733 I notice that response is much improved with Link Scanner DISABLED. That I believe is an old issue ( some sort of contention between AVG and Zone Alarm ). That particular issue raised its ugly head maybe 6 months or so ago. Nice to see AVG / ZA sorted that one eh ??? !!! Maybe the new problem causing ( 9.0.791 ) update is a feeble try at solving that issue.

  eedcam 21:53 17 Mar 2010

Cheers ldriver yes they partly blamed the link scanner But I have never had that enabled and had no problem with the 12/3 update.This one was alulu my provider confirmed I was connected my SIP phone workedbut all else was all to pot I think iI'll wait to see what happens for a bit

  Furkin 08:48 18 Mar 2010

I had the same probs - again. (see my post today (Thursday).
I went through this when v9 first came out,,,, but soon went back to v8.5. That was great - until yesterday (Wed) when it all started again.
Again I had to resort to uninstalling v9 etc.
I tried disabling Link Scanner, but it made no difference.
Do I take it that SOME v9 builds are O.K & some arn't ?

I imagine that at some time, I (along with many others) will NEED to update,,,, maybe i'll wait for version 10 ?!

  Laser157 19:58 22 Mar 2010

Having used AVG for years I am reluctant to move away, but this has caused me to waste half a day trying to sort it out. So I've unintstalled AVG and installed MS security essentials to work alongside Zone Alarm on my XP machine. Works fine now.

Still have AVG on my Vista laptop and Win 7 desktop and no problems, but neither require ZA.

Looking at the AVG forums it looks like AVG are losing a lot of previously loyal users over this.

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