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AVG update

  TOPCAT® 00:26 11 Mar 2003

Database 258 is available. TC.

  TOPCAT® 00:43 11 Mar 2003

Database is 260 - release date 10-03-03. I didn't reboot first! TC.

  spuds 01:41 11 Mar 2003

Thanks TC.

  Simsy 04:41 11 Mar 2003

I've just checked the Grisoft site, ( USA site), for an update... it gives the last update as 25th feb.

Then I saw this thread, so checked again, still 25th Feb...

Then I checked the site and it seems to have an update dated 10th March.



  Bald Eagle 07:57 11 Mar 2003

Cheers TOPCAT®, BE

  Bald Eagle 08:03 11 Mar 2003

TOPCAT® not trying to pinch your thread but why do some updates require a reboot and others don't?

  colberly 14:53 11 Mar 2003

Thanks TC.

  TOPCAT® 19:37 11 Mar 2003

Now closing this. TC.

  Border View 22:04 11 Mar 2003

Just did a trial update and found update 260. Donwloaded and looked for reference on PCA delighted to see that it was you Topcat who brought this update to our attention. Getting back to your old ways you old pussy cat.

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