AVG Update

  Foolsbane_1 12:00 30 Jan 2003

I can't believe this has not been posted already, but I don't see anything so ....

AVG 6.0.449 Virus Database 251 now available.

  spikeychris 12:03 30 Jan 2003

click here you have to type "hit and miss" into the search bar ;o)


  Djohn 12:03 30 Jan 2003

Yes, on Tue. but thanks for the reminder.

  Foolsbane_1 12:07 30 Jan 2003

That's strange! I normally check for updates every day. I can accept that I might have forgotten to do so on Tuesday, but to forget on Wednesday as well ... very worrying!

  Templar1961 12:07 30 Jan 2003

Doesn't AVG update virus signatures automatically?

My brother uses AVG because its free - do I need to advise him to update?

I use Norton Antivirus that I have set on automatic update for peace of mind - does AVG not have a similar option?

  Stuartli 12:13 30 Jan 2003

It's always been a source of amazement to me that AVG updates warrant such a fanfare in these forums.

Like Tempolar961 I use NortonAV and check for updates daily - some days there are none and others there may be one or more. But they are always kept up to date by Norton.....:-)

  Djohn 12:14 30 Jan 2003

Foolsbane_1, Yes I check most days manually, and even then miss out if I check at the wrong time.

Templar1961, Yes mine is set to auto. update at 17-00hrs each day, but if an update is released at 17-01, then I miss it and have to wait until the next day when I may not be on line, so miss it again. That is one of the reasons for the notifications on here, it also reminds people whom use other anti-virus software, to check theirs is up to date.

  spikeychris 12:20 30 Jan 2003

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  Magik™ 12:36 30 Jan 2003

cos we all have nothing better to do ;-))

  €dstow 12:52 30 Jan 2003

I wondered how I'd beaten you to it, Foolsbane!! Thought you'd gone away for a few days.;-)


  Foolsbane_1 12:52 30 Jan 2003

I appreciate the reminders. And it appears that I may need all the help I can get. :0(

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