AVG Update 24/03/2004

  weedode 13:06 24 Mar 2004

Version 6.0.642 Virus Database 410 ( 1163KB Download ) now available

  justme 13:26 24 Mar 2004


  hugh-265156 13:50 24 Mar 2004


  TommyRed 13:55 24 Mar 2004

Cheers. TR

  anon1 15:14 24 Mar 2004

Mine keeps telling me of the updates but then refuses to recognise the internet connection (broadband) and tells me "unable to establish a connection."

  Wes Tam ;-) 15:25 24 Mar 2004

anon1 I think it has something to do with the USA waking up at this time of day and overloading the server!!!

  anon1 15:26 24 Mar 2004

got that slightly wrong it say internet connection failed.

  anon1 15:29 24 Mar 2004

wes tam, I don't think that is the problem I am using the ck server and in any case I have just completed the updates manually using the us servers

  anon1 15:30 24 Mar 2004

oops another typo that should be cz server

  Nosmas 15:32 24 Mar 2004

Have a look at this thread click here but do exactly what BurrWalnut instructs (see his post 05/03/04 @ 13:40hrs) and make sure the additional entries are on separate lines. Try making 'grisoft.com' the default server in the drop-down on the Update Manager tab.

This I have found to be a lot quicker and almost always connects without delay. If it's slow you can always try the other two servers.

  anon1 15:57 24 Mar 2004

Thanks for that nosmas but I have the pro version 7 so I will have to find my own work around. It does tell me that updates are available so until its sorted I will continue manually.

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