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  Digital 15:47 20 Oct 2005

I just twice downloaded the latest AVG update (the Optional version), (today's date on it). When I restarted XP it fouled up both times & I had to use Safe Mode to restore XP. Has anyone else had this problem? I have e-mailed Grisoft Tech Support & await their reply.

  rawprawn 15:56 20 Oct 2005

I can't even get onto their site at the moment on Auto or mannual download

  rawprawn 17:10 20 Oct 2005
  TonyV 17:12 20 Oct 2005

Today I have downloaded the latest update for AVG Pro, (it does it automatically!) and it has played havoc with my machine. I have difficulty starting programmes, it will not now allow ZoneAlarm Pro to start up when Windows starts, despite all the necessary startup buttons being checked! It will not even allow me to switch the machine off! It locks when all the Desktop has been cleared save for the Wallpaper.The problem is I don't know how to get back to the previous version of AVG. The one now is 7.1.360. /267.12.4/145. 20/10/2005 12:30:00.

I am on Win XP Home SP2.

Like you, I will try to get hold of Grisoft and see if they can help.


  TonyV 17:15 20 Oct 2005

I also uninstalled AVG Pro and reinstalled a much earlier version then ran the update again. The result was chaos. The machine does what it wants in its own time!!


  Digital 19:01 20 Oct 2005

Well it's nice to know I'm not alone! Grisoft have responded asking what burner software I have & asking for a sys dump using the sysdump zip file they sent. I've done that & await a reply. In the meantime I've discovered I can't start either the Control or Test centres from Programs or the Systray (what's that called in XP now?). I wonder if AVG is really protecting me now?!

  johnnyrocker 19:12 20 Oct 2005

mine just updated automatically and is not greyed out anymore, but it still has yesterdays date how do i fix that pls, i shall greentick my avg post as lots of people have the same issues.


  TonyV 19:23 20 Oct 2005

I, too, have had a response from Grisoft, but it says nothing except that they have my request for help and will come back to me. I have now had to delete AVG Pro because I cannot switch my machine off with it running! As I said earlier, it is making an absolute Bitches Breakfast of my machine!! It takes many attempts to try and get connected to the Internet, and then it wont switch off, the window stays on the Wallpaper and comes up with a message that says something about closing the Network Connections. I do not have any network on this machine and always close down the Speedtouch Modem prior to switching the machine off!

I will let you know what Grisoft say when they come back.

  Dirty Dick 20:04 20 Oct 2005

I've also tried updating AVG Free (vers 7) and it shows that there is a Priority Update available, but then I get the following message

"The requested file can not be found on the update server!"

The AVG icon in the System Tray stays greyed out

No response from Griscroft yet

  Digital 20:13 20 Oct 2005

Dirty Dick, I suspect AVG have got the message that there's something wrong! I presume their site is slow due to the world trying to complain!

  TonyV 20:57 20 Oct 2005

The response this eveing from AVG is this

"Is there InCD installed on your pc?

Older version of InCD is in conflict with AVG 7.1
We've got repeately reported the problem aftre installation or updating of AVG to version 7.1. After the deep analysis, we find out, that the problem is caused by older version of the InCD application which is in conflict with AVG v7.1. This problem is not caused by AVG, but there is a problem in older InCD drivers.
The solution is to update the InCD application - we tested it and the problem disappears after installation of this new version of InCD.

You can find the actual InCD application here:

click here

Before you'll be able to install the newest InCD application, you can uninstall it in the Safe Mode of Windows. Kindly restart your computer and immediately after the computer starts to boot, keep pressing the F8 key until the white menu on black background displays. Choose the "Safe mode" and wait until the Windows
starts. In this safe mode, you'll be able to uninstall the InCD application. After the uninstallation, restart your computer to the Normal mode and the problem should disappear. Kindly let us know, if these instructions helped.

Please let us know if the problem with other programs persists."

I have InCD on my machine but it is Version 5. something so it means I will have to do with out or use the Windows burner or buy a new version of InCD at about $99.

Hope this helps.


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