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  Nosmas 21:04 08 Sep 2003

Just downloaded latest update from free,grisoft.cz Now on Program v6.0.516 of 2/09/03 and Virus Database 313 (no change) of 01/09/03

  Nosmas 21:17 08 Sep 2003

That's what I meant - no change on Database!!!

  Nosmas 22:01 08 Sep 2003

I would suggest you do need 516 in order to be completely up to date. Presumably the functionality of the program has been improved with this update. Normally the updates are to the database and generally (but not always) no reboot is required.


As you have 516 and 313 you are as up to date as you can be

  Philip2 23:19 08 Sep 2003

Gave up on AVG Pro the dam thing never updates what ever you set we seem to depend on each other for checking updates gone back to Panda at least it updates and you don't have to worrie about it.

  Nosmas 23:22 08 Sep 2003

When and from where did you obtain 517 please? Waht is its date?

  Nosmas 00:56 09 Sep 2003

I have always done my updates via the Update Manger Tab in AVG Control Centre. Have been to your link and downloaded file 'd6032lhj.bin' and followed the tips on the site page - i.e. downloaded file to the Update Directory, but am uncertain exactly which AVG program to run that "..will locate and install the new Update file automatically". There are quite a few .exe programs, can you please indicate the correct one?

  Nosmas 01:30 09 Sep 2003

Have only just realised when running AVG one can update by clicking on the Service Menu and selecting Update which then allows selection of the source of the update.

However when I tried this and clicked on "From a folder" button and navigated to the Update folder, it responded with a message "There is no new update". Have I somehow got hold of the wrong file - i.e. the one that updated me to 516?

Strange thing is your link takes one to grisoft.com and following more links one eventually lands up on grisoft.COM click here and in the table on that page it is stated to be update number 516 (file d60321hj.bin) dated 08/09/03. Clicking on the file name displays a window stating files from grisoft.CZ

Has anyone else managed to update to 517? If so when, where and how?

  Nosmas 01:39 09 Sep 2003

Sorry your post arrived whilst I was keying my reply timed at 01:30. I have run AVG as you suggested and absolutely nothing happens after displaying the Free Edition window from which one can run Complete Test and Removable Media Test, and which has five buttons at the bottom. Nothing like what happens when running Update Manager!

  Nosmas 09:23 09 Sep 2003

Me too!! I am also very puzzled that going to click here (which is a .COM site as opposed to .CZ) the table shows the update number as 516 but if one clicks on the file the download window says the file is from grisoft.CZ

Has anyone else been able to get 517?

I would also be interested to know which AVG program to run when updating from the website downloaded file instead of from Update Manager - see my post above 09/09/03 @ 01:39.

  Nosmas 09:55 09 Sep 2003

Thanks for that correction. I began to think I was going a bit senile!!

  Nosmas 10:00 09 Sep 2003

Now that the 516 or 517 confusion has been corrected by Switcher, I am inclined to think that the file I downloaded thinking it was for 517 was in fact 516 to which I was already updated. So presumably when there is no later update file, nothing happens when one runs AVG from the Systray.

Would you agree?

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