AVG Update

  Nosmas 21:04 08 Sep 2003

Just downloaded latest update from free,grisoft.cz Now on Program v6.0.516 of 2/09/03 and Virus Database 313 (no change) of 01/09/03

  Djohn 21:09 08 Sep 2003

Many thanks, there is a change, v6.0.516 has changed from v6.0.515. Database has stayed at 313 though Regards j.

  Nosmas 21:17 08 Sep 2003

That's what I meant - no change on Database!!!

  Djohn 21:22 08 Sep 2003

Sorry, one of these days I will learn to read properly. ;o)

  john-232317 21:28 08 Sep 2003

also includes comp reboot....interesting....;-)

  Laser157 21:44 08 Sep 2003

So, what's the message here? I have 6.0.515 and database 313. Do I need 516? Do you have to reboot now after updating database? If so that is a backward step unless functionality is improved.

  GroupFC 21:56 08 Sep 2003

It was the same here. Confused the life out of me!

I am on program 6.0.516 and database 313 - can someone advise if this is the latest and up to date details?

  john-232317 21:59 08 Sep 2003

Yes they are the latest

  Nosmas 22:01 08 Sep 2003

I would suggest you do need 516 in order to be completely up to date. Presumably the functionality of the program has been improved with this update. Normally the updates are to the database and generally (but not always) no reboot is required.


As you have 516 and 313 you are as up to date as you can be

  john-232317 22:02 08 Sep 2003

Although the date on it is 2nd its has only just uploaded tonight..

  Laser157 22:04 08 Sep 2003

Thanks Nosmas, I'll update it.

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