avg as turned gray

  tony58 21:55 28 Nov 2005

my free avg scanner as gone gray , and will not update me till tomorrow 29 nov ,what can i do ?how does this leave me, i am new to all this help please

  Skyver 22:01 28 Nov 2005

Double click the grey icon to bring up Control Centre - you should be able to see what part of AVG has stopped working.

  spuds 11:34 29 Nov 2005

Just reboot your computer.Possibly the Resident Shield was not activated on start-up.

  quack 12:15 29 Nov 2005

AVG requires updating. You can do this manually by opening the programme from the icon on your desktop and clicking on check for updates button. Make sure you are connected to the internet before doing this.

  p;3 12:16 29 Nov 2005

mine also goes grey every time I take on any update; my icon changes back to the coloured version on reboot ; you could try and reboot the same day to see if it will change back to the coloured version; I dont think it should really need to wait until the next day :)

  tony58 18:45 29 Nov 2005

thanks everybody

  p;3 22:34 29 Nov 2005

if this issue is now resolved , could you please say so on thread then tick it as resolved, so anyone else can see what forum members suggested to sort this for you in case they have the same problem

  palinka 20:23 30 Nov 2005

the message about next update being on 29th (or whenever0 refers to the auto-update set on your computer - in other words that's when the computer intends to look again for updates all by itself . Mine does that at a fixed time everyday. You can update manually, at any time by the method described by quack. If you set AVG to recognise your internet connection you don't need to go online first - it will connect itself when you click on Check for Updates.
The icon going grey can be caused by 2 different things : 1. it hasn't been updated for some time (about 10 days is sufficient to trigger this change of colour); 2. one of the standard features has been set to Off (for example, if you've turned off scanning OUTGOING mail)

  Sharpamatt 06:42 02 Dec 2005

the only time my AVG has ever gone gray is as quack as said it need updating, the option to update now is clearly marked, this may be an urgent update, or you have opened your date and time, or even if at the sceduled time you have set for updateing. your system was off line

  palinka 14:08 02 Dec 2005

tony58, please follow p;3's instructions to indicate that this issue is Resolved.

  tony58 16:23 02 Dec 2005

thanks again. tony

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