AVG on start up

  Magik™ 15:56 29 Jan 2003

hi...when i start the PC which has got win98 the AVG screen comes up,saying no virus found,before it finishes loading....i have just put it into a PC which is XP and that does not happen, have i missed something, or is that the way it is?


  Djohn 15:59 29 Jan 2003

Hi Magik™, has xp got it's own boot virus checker?

  Magik™ 16:03 29 Jan 2003

sorry, tell me how i can find out and i will let you know :-(

  Djohn 16:13 29 Jan 2003

Er! don't know, I'm on win98se! :o(

  Magik™ 16:15 29 Jan 2003

nice one bruv :-)))

  Belatucadrus 16:16 29 Jan 2003

I think this the AVG memory check, open AVG and have a look at service/program settings there is an option that says "Run memory test at program startup". If you want to stop it un tick it. I'd leave it, as it doesn't take long to run.

  Magik™ 16:24 29 Jan 2003

Hi Belatucadrus..i think they might have altered it, it has not got a service/program..only a scheduler which can be turned on or off...

  Wak 16:29 29 Jan 2003

Hi Magik™, I think you'll find that on Win 98, the AVG is checking the DOS files at start-up but it doesn't happen in XP because, as far as I know, XP doesn't run on DOS.
I'm sure some kind soul will put me right if I happen to be wrong about this.

  Djohn 16:35 29 Jan 2003

Wak, that sounds about right! Good thinking.

  Belatucadrus 16:35 29 Jan 2003

Magik™ you need to open the Anti virus panel, not the control centre. On the top left hand of the window it should say " Program Tests Results Service Help " If you click on Service there should be a drop down menu, Second on the list should be "Program Settings" click on this and you should get a window that will give you control of the AVG boot options.

  Djohn 16:39 29 Jan 2003

Belatucadrus, didn't know about that one, thanks!

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