AVG, Spybot, Firewall. At the same time?

  miserymik 21:26 13 May 2005

Which protective software is o.k running at same time? I believe you should'nt run more than 1 antivirus at once but what about other protect/remove software? For example:- is it o.k to use more than 1 spy/adware prog at once? What about running them as well as a firewall or antivirus? Can they all co-exist happily together, or will windows run screaming from the room? As in previous posts, many thanks for any advice, especially Diodorus Siculas!

  VoG II 21:31 13 May 2005

1 anti-virus

1 firewall

As many anti-spyware as you like.

  Alan H E 22:59 13 May 2005

probably best to run more than one anti spyware program as what one misses the other may well catch. I don't think any one can be said to be more than 75% effective.

  p;3 23:05 13 May 2005

but; clarify a bit on that; only have one AV program installed ,and run on-line checks with another ; if you have more than one AV installed they will clash and have a war with each other ; not good for pc haromony or the operator"s sense of sanity:)

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