AVG slowing PC ?

  geedad 15:49 08 Jan 2009

I have AVG (free) installed together with the following:
Advanced Registry Optimizer
a_squared (free)
Glary Utilities (free)
Rogue Remover (free)
SpyBot S and D (free)
SpyWare Blaster (free)
SuperAntiSpyWare (free)
Advanced System Care
I think that AVG is slowing my PC dow too much.

Considering that I have all of the other ones installed, can I safely uninstall AVG?

  palinka 15:58 08 Jan 2009

As AVG is the only anti-virus in that list, No, I don't think you would be safe without it; but others will no doubt be able to advise about the other stuff you have.
I use AVG free and have never found it slowing down my PC. I also have Spybot S&D ; A squared; &super anti spyware but these 3 are not running all the time - only when I ask them to scan for nasties; don't know how you have yours set up.

  rustyboy 16:14 08 Jan 2009

Is AVG the most recent of your installs in that list.
If so its more likely that AVG is the straw that broke the donkeys back so to speak. WHy on earth are you running so many spam checkers/removers.
I use AVG , Spybot and Comodo firewall and have no issues whatsoever with speed/conflicts or anything else.
Have you checked to see how much of your ram that lot is using? Also what settings you are using on them. If you have all of them set to constantly check everything you do then it may slow things down depending on what processor, operating system and ram you have.

  cocteau48 16:34 08 Jan 2009

It is not uncommon to have all those programs installed and as all appear to be the free versions it is highly unlikely that ,apart from SpywareBlaster, any of then are running in "real time"mode but rather in "ad-hoc" mode - as and when required. There should therefore be no conflicts with AVG so far as using your available RAM is concerned.
AVG 8.0 is more bloated than the previous 7.5 version and can slow down the boot process as it takes longer to load.

  geedad 16:42 08 Jan 2009

Yes, with the exception of AVG, all of the rest are 'click to start', hence me suspecting AVG. However, I have noticed the during my use if the PC, AVG is scanning at the same time for a certain period of time. I would prefer to scan when I want, EG, overnight, when I choose to do so. How is yours set up?
Looks like a good selection. If you have had no problems, I could follow your example!
Thanks to you both!

  geedad 16:46 08 Jan 2009

Thanks. Your posting came in during my writing replies.

  cocteau48 16:48 08 Jan 2009

You will find a button to edit the scan schedule within the AVG interface. Open "computer scanner" and then "edit scan schedule"

  ened 16:49 08 Jan 2009

I have nothing from your list installed, nor anything like it (apart from Avast) yet my machine runs properly with few problems.

In fact the only time I did have a problem was when I mistakenly followed someone's advice and installed CCleaner.

Why do people consider these things necessary - especially as they must cause some slowdowns?

  User-1229748 16:50 08 Jan 2009

the lightest anti virus i've found is avira free which i use alongside the vista firewall and windows defender.i did try avg and found it slowed my pc aswell hence i changed to avira.

  geedad 17:02 08 Jan 2009

You are lucky that you have few problems.Perhaps I am a little scared of what might be. Perhaps one of your 'few' problems may be the PC killer for someone else!
I have CCleaner installed as well, and i find it excellent!
Thank you for your response.
Thanks for your comments. Is Avira free?

  ened 17:08 08 Jan 2009

Avast is certainly free and I turned to it after AVG slowed my machine down to a crawl (Vista Ultimate 64).

I have found it to be at least as good as AVG used to be.

My 'few' problems have been because I have done something stupid.

I am a firm believer that if a machine is behaving itself why risk upsetting it if one of those tampering utilities does something dodgy.

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