AVG slowing down my PC?

  BingoBoy 22:06 08 Jan 2009

Following some advice obtained from this forum in the last week I have ditched my NTL Netguard security package and installed AVG anti virus, Zonealarm firewall, Winpatrol and CCCleaner. My PC runs on Windows XP Service Pack 3 and has 256MB of ram with a pentium 4 processor. It has free space of 54.4GB part of 74.4Gb overall on the C: drive.

Since changing to the above software I have noticed very slow response times on booting up and accessing the internet. I have seen a few other comments regarding AVG version 8 affecting the running of PCs - does anybody have any views on the items I am using and how they mgiht be causing the slow response times?

If so do you have any recommendations on how to improve this and please bear in mind I am a bit technically challenged when it comes to PC's and IT speak despite my first paragraph.

Thanks in advance.

  BingoBoy 22:10 08 Jan 2009

Forgot to mention that I also have Malwarebytes Antimalware installed aswell

  MAT ALAN 22:11 08 Jan 2009

Remove winpatrol ADD more memory...

winpatrol has a delay startup feature and 256 Mb of memory is nowhere near enough to run an XP Pc...

  baldydave 22:51 08 Jan 2009

Increase memory-256 is xp min
Avg 8 has link scanner which is known to slow low spec pcs down - disable avg link scanner or remove avg and install avast antivirus

  birdface 10:08 09 Jan 2009

Set AVG not to scan at start up or update at start up.Either set them up to scan at a certain time or set it to do it manually.AVG has more security on it now so takes a bit longer start up.Better safe than sorry.Winpatrol only takes up 1.4 Mb so I would keep it as it helps with your Security.Maybe try a Defrag and see if that helps.Maybe try Stopping Zone Alarm from running and run Windows Firewall temporary to see if it runs any Quicker.Go into Taskmanager and see what processes are using up the CPU.If nothing running System Idle process should be showing about 97% this is normal.Did you run the Netguard removal tool.If not run Search and type in Netguard and see if you still have any pats left over and maybe remove them if safe to do so.

  daveeb 10:33 09 Jan 2009

I'm surprised XP will run anywhere near full speed on 256 MB, i'd top it up to 1 GB

  provider 2 10:53 09 Jan 2009

Some slow-downs related to scanning issues in AVG 8.0, and some solutions suggested by the AVG (free) moderators:

click here

  Grey Goo 12:08 09 Jan 2009

Just a suggestion with your specs, you could try:
Commodo firewall
PCTools Antivirus
A Squared free anti malware( requires manual updates but not a problem)

  jtt 12:45 09 Jan 2009

"I'm surprised XP will run anywhere near full speed on 256 MB, i'd top it up to 1 GB"

I recently re-installed XP (including SP3, all updates, IE7) on a Pentium III 667MHz PC with 256Mbytes of RAM. I also installed Office 2003. From pressing the power button to getting the desktop took 55sec - pretty impressive considering the low PC spec. Loading Word was quick - it all seemed very responsive.

I then added AVG and carefully configured it regarding updating, scans (off) etc and it slowed down considerably, both bootup time (to around 1 mins) and general response speed. Increasing the RAM to 512 Mbytes made it more usable.

AV software does seem to take a lot of resources. I've heard that NOD32 (not free) is pretty good for this, although I haven't tried it myself.

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