AVG scores well

  eedcam 18:35 08 Jul 2008

Might interest the AV critics
click here

  mfletch 18:42 08 Jul 2008

Shield Deluxe 2008?

I have never heard of it before,

click here

  eedcam 18:52 08 Jul 2008

Nor I my reference was to the vulnerability section not the best off

  mfletch 19:07 08 Jul 2008

Sorry for going off subject but if AVG did so well I wonder why its not listed as one of the best ?

  sinbads 19:10 08 Jul 2008

I don't think there are many critics of AVG on here maybe half a dozen. Must be the most popular AV used....Free too!

  eedcam 22:57 08 Jul 2008

There has been considerable criticism of avg over the past few weeks particularly over the avg 8 upgrade .I only posted as I thought something in its favour for a change was appropriate. Again you seem to have missed the point Fletch its about how it fared in the Vunerability field nothing to do with overall supremacy

  Ditch999 23:07 08 Jul 2008

I use Kaspersky and had a quick look at the article you posted. It says "This just in: Kaspersky just released their brand-new, Kaspersky 7.0 anti-virus software."
How old is that article?? Kaspersky have just released version 8 now!!

  ex-wirecutter 10:06 09 Jul 2008

Doesn't say if this is the free version or the paid for version of AVG which scores well.

  Clapton is God 10:49 09 Jul 2008

"Doesn't say if this is the free version or the paid for version of AVG"

Probably paid for

The graph is entitled "AV Vendors" - a vendor is someone who sells a product.

  mfletch 14:36 09 Jul 2008


Not sure on the date but it does say 2008 must have been before the release of Kaspersky;s version 8

Kaspersky;s already got 2009 Internet security for sale

  Ditch999 14:38 09 Jul 2008

Yeah, I know. 2009 is also known as version 8.
Nothing like being ahead of the times, eh!! LOL

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