AVG scanning problem

  muddypaws 22:34 26 Nov 2008

Xp Home SP2.
AVG 8 free.
This happened the other week and now again. The AVG scanning icon has appeared the system tray alongside the normal icon.
Holding cursor on it shows 'AVG running scans'.
There is an option displayed to stop scans, but it continues after selecting the 'Stop' option.
It is taking 98% of the CPU.
I have tried stopping it in Task Manager, but it just comes back again.
I can't remember how I stopped it last time.
Doesn't appear to be anything in AVG main window to stop it.
Any suggestions please as it is killing my PCs speed.

  sawuk 22:49 26 Nov 2008

The only thing I can think of at the moment is try uninstalling and re-installing it...or disable auto scan on computer startup if not already on.


  muddypaws 09:10 27 Nov 2008

It has vanished on boot up this morning.
All automatic scan options are disabled and I have no scheduled scans.
The normal main window doesn't show anything running at all.
The process is avgrsx.exe and is running now at 80% without any system tray icon this time.
Can only assume it is a start up scan.
Will have another go at locating it.

  muddypaws 10:07 27 Nov 2008

I have checked every setting including advanced.
I have it set to scan at 0100, when PC is off, and unchecked ' scan at start up if missed'.
It is still running at 98% CPU and as I asaid above if I end the process in Task Manager it stops, but restarts in about 10secs. click here
Has a recent update caused this ie since am yesterday? Anyone else with the problem?

  FreeCell 10:27 27 Nov 2008

I believe the avgrsx.exe component is the AVG Resident Shield and not the schedule scan engine. The scanner is avgscanx.exe.

You may have more luck turning it off with the Resident Shield options rather than Scan.

  muddypaws 10:33 27 Nov 2008

I am onto the AVG forum now where I see that another person is having the same problem since yesterday. 'rsx' they say is the anti virus programme not the scan.
They have suggested the same action that I have taken with no luck.
My PC has been on for two hours now and it is still running.

  muddypaws 10:35 27 Nov 2008

Strangely my HD light is not running!

  muddypaws 10:45 27 Nov 2008

This is the reply frpm AVG to the original poster:

'The scanner is avgscanx.exe so you didn't have a scan running when you posted this question... definitely a phantom showing up in Taskmanager, but remember that Taskmanager is an application where if the coder/programmer wants to report to it.. he can or just ignore it as most of us programmers do...hence if for some reason the OS or another application has an issue our report to Taskmanager may never reach it. Anyway I am dying to figure out why your PC configuration is experiencing this issue so if it is a repeatable conflict or bug of some sort we can fix it for all. Please let me know if you can make this happen again and whether there is any other application running on your PC when this occurs. I appreciate your patience and hope you have some time to respond'

  FreeCell 13:58 27 Nov 2008

I don't use AVG 8 Free as I have AVG 8 Internet Security (the paid for version).

In Free do you have a menu bar option for Tools in the AVG User Interface Panel? If so is there an Advanced Settings option that allows you to change Resident Shield options?

  muddypaws 14:20 27 Nov 2008


Yes I do.

  Sea Urchin 14:43 27 Nov 2008

As already said you need to turn off the Link Scanner - this manual will tell you more than anybody could possibly want to know about AVG8 Free (look on page 38 para 7.4)

click here

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