AVG scan using 50-100% cpu?

  hawthorn59 14:16 25 Jul 2009


My AVG8 is scanning at the moment, and the laptop is a little sluggish. I checked in task manager and its using anything from 50% upwards cpu, at times even 100%. Is this normal?

I have Vista, 3 gig ram and laptop is less than a year old.

I have 2 related questions;

1 Whats the easiest way of opening Windows Task Manager? ctrl-alt-delete used to do it in one go, now theres 2 or 3 clicks required!

2 When I did open Windows Task Manager, I couldnt find what was using the high amount of cpu. avgscan wasnt listed; I had to click "show processes from all users". Why is that? I'm the only user of the laptop.

thanks folks


  six-h 15:05 25 Jul 2009

thehill; I too find that AVG hogs resources when doing a scan, there is a slider under "Computer Scanner" > Change Scan Settings, which is by default set to "medium", this can be reduced or increased to change the scan speed which in turn uses more or less resources.
It doesn't seem to have much effect on CPU usage, but it sure as hell affects the duration of scans!!
Regarding Task Manager, Right click anywhere on the Task Bar, and select Task Manager.

  six-h 15:17 25 Jul 2009

I hasten to add that I have the 50-100% CPU problem only on my Laptop that's running XP Home, and it only has a Celeron 2GhZ processor, so I expect that's why it struggles.It really hobbles other applications.
My main PC is a bit more whizzy! running Vista Ultimate with a dual core E8400 3Ghz processor it's scanning now and showing CPU at between4 and 25%, this does noticably slow the response in other running progs. but not by much.

  hawthorn59 15:32 25 Jul 2009

On your main pc is that with AVG also? Im just wondering should I get Avast instead. AVG is now 1hr 26mins scanning and has apparantly found aout 60 infections......!!!!!!! They all seem to be cookies. But it scanned yesterday as well! Can this be right?!

Finished scanning now after over 90 mins. 54 "potentially dangerous" items! What the heck do I do with them?

I probably should install adaware as well.

I have Compaq Presario AMD DUal Core 2000

  six-h 16:33 25 Jul 2009

Yes, also AVG. I've joined the AVG Forums, but still don't know if I'm right to delete all that is in the virus vault! lol
click here
On my main PC, it scans daily @ 3pm, and regularly takes about 1hr and 10mins. It finds loads of cookies. Today it found 32 "Warnings" and despatched 'em to Virus vault where they only appear as 9 entries for today's date.
They are I'm sure only cookies, but the logic of it all escapes me!
I'm advised to empty the Virus vault after a few days if nothing has been disabled by the items moved there, so I tend to play safe and only delete items more than a month old...to be sure!

  six-h 16:35 25 Jul 2009

Forgot to say, in the 1hr 10mins it scans around 710,000 "objects".

  peter99co 19:34 25 Jul 2009

The 32 are probably from 9 sources.

  six-h 20:37 25 Jul 2009

peter99co; That's the only explanation I could think of, shows I don't stray far! lol
The only "scare" I've had was when I recently downloaded "Magical Jellybean" to find the Keys to my OS and Office installations for my lappy.
It's reassuring to see AVG leap into action like a Rottweiler!

  birdface 00:34 26 Jul 2009

Best way to scan AVG is do it manually.Remove daily scan and just run the scan when going out or you have to do anything else.

Just run Scan.And tick change scan settings.Additional scan settings.And tick Shut down computer on completion.It then shuts down the computer after it has run the scan.

  hawthorn59 05:33 26 Jul 2009


I cant remove the daily scan....I can scan on selected days alright but cant stop the scheduled scan.


  birdface 09:16 26 Jul 2009

Open AVG.Tools.Advanced settings.Schedules.Scheduled scan.And untick enable this task.Apply.

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