AVG Replacement

  morddwyd 09:11 04 May 2013

Anybody suggest a decent replacement for AVG?

I've been using it for years, but, like so many of its type, it's simply become too intrusive

  onthelimit1 09:27 04 May 2013

I'd go for Avast or MSE. Use them both without problems.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:30 04 May 2013

The free ones are all pretty much the same, I use Microsoft security Essentials and in the past have used Avast ( refused to remember when told to ignore certain files) Avira (to many nags to upgrade).

  Ian in Northampton 10:28 04 May 2013

I switched from AVG to Avast on my XP machine, and from AVG to MSE on my W7 machine, and have been delighted with both.

  northumbria61 10:52 04 May 2013

morddwyd - I would agree that AVG has become too intrusive (I have the full Security Suite 2012) but having used it for several years I do find it still does a very good job for me. It is down to personal preference at the end of the day but the alternatives suggested by others are probably worth trying to enable you to make a decision.

  rdave13 11:10 04 May 2013

the only thing lacking in MSE, and Defender in WIn 8, is the right click context menu so that you can scan a particular folder and also the full scan takes a long time. The reasons I went back to Avast.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:13 04 May 2013

Avast for me - with the prate voice but you can switch off the announcemnts completely if you want to.

  john bunyan 12:12 04 May 2013

I switched from AVG to Avira (free) a couple of years ago. My grand daughter uses MSE.

  SimpleSimon1 12:14 04 May 2013

Switched from [free] Avira to Avast just recently (new Avira far too intrusive and mainly seems to have have all the really useful functionality disabled unless you cough up for the premium version).

Avast takes a few secs longer to scan and load at start-up but, after that, it seems pretty transparent

  morddwyd 18:48 04 May 2013

Thank you everybody. I'll give Avast a try.

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