AVG Query!!!

  peter4076 09:15 16 Jul 2008

I have AVG 8 on all 4 of my computers (not on all at the same time)When I update the computer I use 75% of the time, all is well, but 3 days later for instance I will boot up my laptop and go for the AVG update and get the "no new updates available" how does this work, because I know that it is not the latest ( according to Grisoft ), so it doesn't scan your computer to seek out your updates, all advice gratefully received.

  palinka 11:41 16 Jul 2008

Are all the PCs using the same OS? When I was still on AVG 7.5 I found there was a similar disparity between my desktop (OS Vista) and my laptop (OS XP); I'd assumed it was something to do with different OSs. Haven't noticed it happening now that both have AVG8.

  Covergirl 12:37 16 Jul 2008

My AVG 8 is set so it updates automatically in the background. AVG 7.5 brought up a progress box but AVG 8 doesn't.

Maybe your usual computer is setup for a manual update whereas your others are on autopilot and it updates in the background.

However, you allude to the fact that "I know that it is not the latest" so maybe this isn't a valid reson.

Maybe tinternet isn't connected on the other computer . . . ?

On the point of cancelling this, but if it helps here goes

  jtt 13:07 16 Jul 2008

If it's the free edition of AVG, I think you're only allowed to have one copy per household. Perhaps they detect that you've had a particular update, so cannot have another.

I would check the licence to see if you can legally have more than one copy.

  skodadriver 14:31 16 Jul 2008

If you have any problems with AVG Free V8, you will not get any support from AVG (grisoft), however, If you go to

click here

give ALL your specs and details of computers (the mods are funny about this) then post your question on the forum there.

It may be there are others with similar problems, and can advise.

Good Luck

Ps. I have AVGFREE8 on my XP laptop, and my wife has the same on her Vista laptop, and no problems about updates.

  peter4076 17:49 16 Jul 2008

Well thanks for the input, I have 2 desktops one running XP other Vista and both hard wired and the 2 laptops (wi-fi)one of each o/s, will have to check whether they are getting their updates in the background prior to me firing up the firefox.
I have to go out for the evening so will launch all computers tomorrow then check which Virus database number we are all on, once again thankyou, will post again.

  johnem 18:05 16 Jul 2008

If, as implied that all of your computers are working from a single router, it could be that AVG is recognising the IP address as having accessed the "latest update" and therefore will not attempt to send the same update to that IP address.
If however your IP address is dynamic and not fixed, then it is back to the drawing board.

  peter4076 09:02 17 Jul 2008

Thank you all: Yes they have been updating whilst I am out of the room, well that solved that little problem, and I'm sure over time I will be tapping into the brains on this forum. Will tick

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