AVG put startpage.21.AY in vault - what now?

  badgery 07:40 08 Jun 2005

After being online, without 'protection' for 5 mins last night, when I then ran an AVG free scan, it picked up 6 'startpage.21.AY' files and automatically put them in the vault.
What should I now do? Delete them, or just leave them in the vault. The only thing I saw was they are not 'healable'.
Apologies if this is a daft question, but not had anything like this before! Thanks for any advice.

  Eastender 09:51 08 Jun 2005

AVG also found 2 instances of this "Trojan" on my computer although I can find no info in the Grisoft virus data base specifically for 'startpage.21.ay'

It's safe enough in the Vault and I'm going to leave it there until I find further info on it.

  Eastender 10:24 08 Jun 2005

My Startpage.21.ay "trojans" were found in:-

C:\WINDOWS\system32\PSDrvCheck.NL and NLD, which is part of Pinnacle InstantCopy application.

I'm wondering if this is a false positve.

  ugufugu 11:59 14 Jun 2005

I have the same thing. it appears it may be a pinnacle thing. Any more word on this

  Lionheart ? 15:08 14 Jun 2005

Found this click here=

  Lionheart ? 15:11 14 Jun 2005

Bit more read. click here

  badgery 11:00 17 Jun 2005

Thanks for the links, sorry to be slow replying, but been away on holiday for a week.
Will see what I can do from here. Cheers.

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