AVG problem - help!

  sorefingers 10:25 17 Jun 2004

Just had this small window open when I started up this morning - AVG (core) not found winerr=2
The software will not start...any help appreciated.

  justme 10:36 17 Jun 2004

I would suspect that your avg program has been corrupted or even deleted.

Have you tried reinstalling it?

  sorefingers 10:51 17 Jun 2004

Didn't know you could do that...thought I would have to download again!!

  Djohn 11:08 17 Jun 2004

justme is correct. If you still have the original download of AVG saved in a folder then delete the program and click on the AVG setup Icon to re-install again then up-date from the site.

All my downloads for antivirus. spyware etc are saved in a folder of that name so I can just reinstall if required with out downloading again. j.

  justme 11:13 17 Jun 2004

sorefingers, if you still have the original download then you can reinstall it. Just don't forget to update the virus database or you will be using a very out of date antivirus program.

If my memory serves me right you will also need to enter a serial number. I think that this is the same number for everybody, but check your old emails to see if you still have a copy.

  SANTOS7 11:31 17 Jun 2004

Driver (core) not found winerr=2

This problem occurs on Win2000/XP systems when AVG thinks (probably due to back coding) that it is win95! It therefore tries to look for it's driver files in C:\Windows\System...etc whereas it "should" be looking in C:\WINNT\System32...etc. They reccomend downloading the latest version which has fixed this. I've just done this and installed it and it is now working perfectly. Hope this is of help to everyone. :-)

On Wednesday, January 14, 2004 at 4:47 pm, mark kaufman wrote:
>When you start Outlook 2000, you may receive one the following error messages:
>Driver (core) not found winerr=2
>Driver (core) not found winerr=3
>You then receive the following error message:
>AVG Kernel Error
>This issue may occur if you are running the Grisoft "AVG Antivirus" version 6.0 program.
>Microsoft Office 2000 and Outlook 2000 install updated system files that are not
>compatible with the AVG Antivirus 6.0 program.
>To resolve this issue, obtain and install the most current version of the Grisoft
>"AVG Antivirus" program. For information about how to do so, visit the following
>Grisoft Web site:
>click here
>Microsoft provides third-party contact information

  sorefingers 11:38 17 Jun 2004

..had to download latest version....and now have it where I can find it.

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