AVG problem

  Hetti 14:55 04 Jan 2005

I downloaded lastest version of AVG without a problem, but when It was finished it then asked me "Do you want to check for updates" I clicked yes it stopped after 12 sec and said " cannot establish an Internet connection, check Internet connections" How do I proceed and what should I be looking for in options?

  Djohn 15:21 04 Jan 2005

This message can appear on occasions when the AVG site is busy, try again a couple of times at different times of the day and if it happens only occasionally then nothing to worry about. If it continues to fail to connect, please post back and we can look at it in more detail.

  THE TERMINATOR 15:31 04 Jan 2005

Are you running a firewall? If so you need to enable the AVG update to connect to the internet....TT

  DTee 15:45 04 Jan 2005

I too have been having the same problem for the last hour. I have even uninstalles AVG and reinstalled. I was not suspicious as I have just installed XP2 and thought that was causing the trouble.

I will do as Djohn suggests and leave it for a few hours and try again.

  rawprawn 16:16 04 Jan 2005

Djohn is right, and the site has been very busy today with three fairly large updates.

  Rogerfredo 16:41 04 Jan 2005

I have cable broadband and I frequently have to "establish the internet connection" before running software that supposedly connects automatically.
I have closed the automatic update on AVG for this reason and choose to update manually.

  end 16:46 04 Jan 2005

have you retried? i am on BB and my "automatic" attempt" froze" much to my surprise ; I retried a few moments later and got it:)

  Hetti 17:09 04 Jan 2005

Thanks all

The Terminator..............
yes I do run a firewall how shall I enable the AVG update to connect to Internet?

  anon1 17:22 04 Jan 2005

if you visit the avg site and manually download the updates you can then run avg and choose "update from file" thats is if you dont want to wait for automatic update. remember avg is FREE and as usuall lots of folks left it late to make the change hence very busy automatic updates.

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