AVG Pro Problem

  rawprawn 18:02 13 Sep 2011

A friend of mine had AVG 7.Pro installed when he bought his computer and renewed the subscription. His computer is now 4 years old and AVG was again due for renewal. He didn't want to pay so I suggested he uninstalled AVG, and installed Avast Free and Zone Alarm. Unfortunateley he installed Avast before uninstalling AVG and when he tried to uninstall AVG it all went belly up. I went to have a look and found I could neither uinstall nor re install. I tried to download a removal tool but AVG deleted it as avirus and I could not find a way of stopping AVG running as parts of it were not working. Eventually after trying all I knew I ran "Regedit" and deleted all I could find. I have successfully stopped AVG and installed Avast and Zone Alarm. All seems to be working, but can anyone suggest a tool which would now clean the last remnants out. I have run CCleaner. Thanks RP

  Secret-Squirrel 18:17 13 Sep 2011

"I tried to download a removal tool but AVG deleted it as avirus..."

Sounds like you didn't download the official AVG one - HERE'S where you'll find what you're looking for. Because the PC in question is four years old you'll almost certainly need to use the 32-bit remover at the top of the list.

  rawprawn 18:48 13 Sep 2011

Thanks Secret-Squirrel, but that is the one I tried. Each time the "Remnants" of AVG deleted the download as a virus. (I tried 3 times)

  spuds 18:52 13 Sep 2011

Revo Uninstaller might help?. A free download from Major Geeks or Filehippo.

  Secret-Squirrel 19:08 13 Sep 2011

Don't worry RP - here's plan B:

Boot the computer into Windows's "Safe Mode with Networking" and try again. It's highly unlikely that there'll be anything running in that mode that'll interfere with you downloading and running that AVG Removal Tool.

  rawprawn 19:37 13 Sep 2011

Secret-Squirrel It's Vista and I can't remember if Safe mode with networking is available in Vista (I did try uninstall in safe mode without success)but I will try it. Anyway he lives about 1 hour away from me and he is going to bring his box over so I have time to mess about

spuds AVG Pro no longer shows in Add or Remove programs,so I'm not sure Revo will be able to find it. I will leave this for the time being until he brings the computer to me and I can have another go. Thanks for your replies, I will start this thread again when I have the computer.

  Secret-Squirrel 19:47 13 Sep 2011

Safe Mode with Networking is available in all Windows versions from XP onwards.

Good luck.

  rawprawn 20:24 13 Sep 2011

Secret-Squirrel many thanks. RP

  birdface 20:30 13 Sep 2011

Best bet would be to download AVG again and not run it then get Revo Uninstaller to remove it.

Pity a new version of AVG is out now and it is supposed to be very good,

  Secret-Squirrel 08:17 14 Sep 2011

Hi Buteman

"Best bet would be to download AVG again and not run it then get Revo Uninstaller to remove it."

I'm not sure what you mean by that.

If you're suggesting the OP installs AVG then removes it then that won't help for two reasons. The current partially installed AVG is version 7 which is several years old and is so different that it's a completely different program from the current version. Also, the PC has now Avast so AVG will probably see this and refuse to install. I think the best bet is to try to get the AVG Removal Tool to run.

rawprawn, if you don't have any luck with that removal tool then have a look HERE as there's a download link to a different remover. Because it's Vista, remember that you'll need to download it then right-click on the file and choose "Run as Administrator" so it's able to clean the system properly.

  birdface 08:24 14 Sep 2011


Yes you are probably right I did not realise it was so old until I googled and found reports about it from 2004.

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