AVG Power down after running a scan

  birdface 14:39 30 Dec 2007

Hi ,Grandaughter has new computer and I am just about to remove Norton and install AVG.Now the thing I like about AVG is the little square that you tick and it will power down computer when scan is finished.Is it safe to do it on a laptop it works fine on my Desktop.Has anyone tried it with there Laptop ,and does it work Ok.

  The F1 Help Key 18:57 30 Dec 2007

yeah that is safe i always do a scan before going to bed every 15 days,and thus having this option checked will shoutdown my laptop safely,so i can enjoy my sleep,make sure you have checked to save a report of the scan so when u wake up u can see what virus was there on your laptop.happy new year

  Halmer 19:14 30 Dec 2007

'i always do a scan before going to bed every 15 days'.

That's what I call not needing much sleep.

  birdface 07:12 31 Dec 2007

Ok.Thanks for that.Better to be safe than sorry.I have downloaded all her security programs.Whether she uses them or not is a different story.You could change your username to Rip Van Winkle.Hope I never kept you up to late.Will now class as resolved.many thanks.

  birdface 08:24 31 Dec 2007

Well that was my first experiance of using a laptop and I was not impressed.I will not moan about my old desktop again.

  tullie 08:52 31 Dec 2007

Nowt wrong with laptops

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