AVG now always requires restart?

  Miros 09:37 12 Mar 2008

For the past three days my AVG after it's daily update required me to restart the PC which I did. This morning I wasn't even asked, something flashed up on the screen while I was working on something else and the PC just shut down on me. Thankfully it wasn't important so no great loss.

Has anyone else had this experience? Or have I got a gremlin?

  johndrew 09:46 12 Mar 2008

Are you referring to AVG Free? If so There may be a problem as I use this and have nothing similar happening.

In the past I have had an update which corrupted the program necessitating it to be uninstalled/reinstalled before it worked correctly.

  lofty29 09:48 12 Mar 2008

Hi Had the same problem, however uninstalled ran ccleaner, reinstalled the new version free avg4 no probs since

  Miros 09:49 12 Mar 2008

Yes John I'm using the free version. It otherwise seems OK and is in fact scanning while I type this.

  Miros 09:50 12 Mar 2008

May try that if it persists.

  johnnyrocker 09:56 12 Mar 2008

i had the same prob as john drew because there not any need to reboot an AVG update mine would not reinstall so i had to switch to avast.


  birdface 10:11 12 Mar 2008

Does the same with mine.Next time you reboot the computer it will update.So nothing really to worry about.just a nuisance.

  Miros 10:19 12 Mar 2008

Yes but this wasn't happening last week, and to be honest I don't often reboot unless requested by some download or other, which would mean my AVG would not be up to date if I ignored the request.

This morning I wasn't even given the option it just shut down and restarted:-(

  Noels 11:02 12 Mar 2008

I don't have AVG free but had the same problem with the Pro version until I went into the scheduler and specified a particular time for downloads i.e. 7-30 am 1130 am and 4-30pm. This worked for me. I now get the splash screen telling me that a download is taking place but no request to restart my computer.
Why not give it a try it may also work for you!

  Miros 11:12 12 Mar 2008

Thank you that's got to worth a try, but will not know the result till tomorrow at least. Cheers.

  Jak_1 11:37 12 Mar 2008

Open up the test centre, double click update manager and check what settings you have there.

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