AVG for my old pc

  Liza 21:34 19 Oct 2012

I used AVG before when it was free. I want to now use it getting it online. Do you think it is safe to get it online. Please advise, thanks liza

  northumbria61 22:44 19 Oct 2012

I have had AVG for several years now and now using Full Internet Security Suite 2012. The majority of software is now downloadable and safe.

  northumbria61 22:47 19 Oct 2012
  Miké 10:42 20 Oct 2012

There is still a free Version Free AVG This link downloads the installer program which then downloads drectly from AVG, should be safe to use!

  Nontek 10:49 20 Oct 2012


You don't appear to have looked at Northumbria61's link re Duplicate Post!

  Liza 20:02 22 Oct 2012

Many thanks all. I will download and buy if necessary. Liza

  onthelimit1 20:22 22 Oct 2012

Why buy? I'd stick to Avast or MSE.

  Liza 00:20 23 Oct 2012

Thanks onthelimit1 for suggesting Avast. I visited their website and after a few setbacks I managed to get in. They have taken me on and so have a year's free licence. Liza

  onthelimit1 08:51 23 Oct 2012

Liza - it will still be free after a year - you just have to re-register.

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