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  User-B6270506-B0CF-413D-B0B5707623FBE39D 18:27 30 Dec 2003

I have just switched over from Outlook to Mozilla Mail due to Mozilla's junk mail filtering. However my emails are no longer being scanned by AVG (incoming and outgoing).

Under Outlook every email was stamped with a certification footer by AVG, they are no longer there with Mozilla.

I have not changed any AVG settings and everything that needs to be ticked is ticked (check / certify incoming & outgoing messages). If I use Outlook then AVG certifies everything correctly.

Can anyone offer any advice? Is AVG incompatible with Mozilla? Would a reinstall help? Do you have to tell AVG that Mozilla is the mail client?

  VoG II 19:10 30 Dec 2003

Does Windows know that Mozilla is the default e-mail client? You can set this via Internet Explorer, Tools/Internet Options, Programs tab.

Thanks VoG

Mozilla Mail is now the default email program, but still no cert's or evidence that the mail is being scanned.

Outlook continues to certify ok.

Uninstalled and re-installed AVG 6 (Free), it still does not scan Mozilla Mail but scans Outlook (same email accounts set up in both programs).

I can't find anything on Grisofts site regarding Mozilla. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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