AVG missed 'i-worm/sobig.c' virus !!

  Tim1964 23:29 03 Jun 2003

I ran a full scan using AVG (free edition) tonight and the above virus was found. I have the email scans all set to 'on'. How did the AV miss this one? Is it because it's a freebie?

I did wonder why someone tried to send me a virus to me at work (work antivrus caught it first). It turns out that I had sent it to myself!!!!

  monkeyshine 00:14 04 Jun 2003

Don't quite follow you, did you open the email before you ran the full scan? If so you'd be infected.

Seems to be open season on AVG right now.

  TECHNODIMWIT 00:18 04 Jun 2003

i wondered why norton updated on sunday,and not normally on wednesday, as it just did when i switched on, dont know AVG, but think this is why

click here


  Tim1964 00:19 04 Jun 2003

My wife opened the email as it the subject line seemed to suggest it to be one she was expecting.

I was under the impression that the email monitoring part of AVG scanned your emails as they came in (or out) and didn't have to be manually checked. I was obviously wrong there :-(

  monkeyshine 00:21 04 Jun 2003

Is it enabled?

  Gaz W 00:27 04 Jun 2003

One way to tell if the email monitoring is enabled is to look at the bottom of an email message you have received, and it should say something like this:

Incoming mail is certified Virus Free.
Checked by AVG anti-virus system (click here).
Version: (Your Version) / Virus Database: 279 - Release Date: 19/05/2003

I think it does scan the emails, but I tend to scan any attachments in the emails manually as well before opening them, just to be on the safe side, even though it probably doesn't make the slightest bit of difference!

  Gaz W 00:27 04 Jun 2003

I think mine might be out of date!

  monkeyshine 00:30 04 Jun 2003

Latest update is Database 286 issued on 01/06/03 (Sunday)

  Gaz W 00:39 04 Jun 2003

I just updated it then and the database has gone from 279 to 286! My settings are so that is schedules an automatic update at 8:41 AM and is set to "Update if database is older than 14 days".

Does this mean that it waits two weeks even if there is an update? Should I set this to 1?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 01:03 04 Jun 2003

My AVG caught the virus twice yesterday. I feel that your updating may be awry.


  jimv7 08:29 04 Jun 2003

Any anti-virus is only as good as its last update, and then it might not pick up a new virus.

Mine (which is avg) checks daily and I check for updates when I go on the net.

So keep your virus software up to date.

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