Is this a AVG message?

  Hetti 12:54 19 Oct 2005

When i start my PC a message appears in the bottom right hand corner from the task bar, It says "computer might be at risk, AVG anti-virus 7.0.344 might be out of date" click ballon to fix prob, it then takes me to Security centre give me some recommendations all of them costing money.
I have AVG and have checked for updates but it is up to date, is this a problem with the miorosoft virus scanner that was on my PC when I bought it or is it something related to AVG?

If it is Microsoft do I need it at all as i have AVG?

  Hetti 13:14 19 Oct 2005

Regarding above message

I have just noticed the little AVG icon in the task bar is coloured shades of grey and black not the normal yellow, green, red, and black

  ACOLYTE 13:29 19 Oct 2005

Right click the AVG icon in the task bar then select select check for updates,this should then fix the problem and turn the icon back to its original color.If it says there are not updates you coulf try restarting the pc and see if that helps.The latest update version i have is
267.12.4/142 and was relesaed on the 18 of this month.

  ACOLYTE 13:30 19 Oct 2005

Just updated again to 267.12.4/143

  Hetti 14:49 19 Oct 2005

thanks Acolyte

I did as you say and got a priority update, but when I hold cursor over AVG icon in task bar I still get "internal virus database is out of date" and icon is still grey.

Any Ideas?

  PaulB2005 15:13 19 Oct 2005

Did you download the update?

Check your system clock is correct.

  Hetti 18:03 19 Oct 2005


Yes I did download update, and clock is correct.

The download completed Okay, but still getting the same message.

  johnnyrocker 18:10 19 Oct 2005



  Hetti 18:28 19 Oct 2005


Thanks I will do that, it will not be tonight as the problem is on 2nd PC, and I cannot get onto it until morning.


  palinka 21:02 19 Oct 2005

The little AVG icon near the clock changes from colour to shades of grey when your AVG has not been updated. If you are on a dial-up connection it's possible tht you think you've updated when you haven't (that's happened to a friend of mine)because it can take a while to download the updates. Look at the date in the bottom right corner of AVG when you open it. The date SHOULD be close to the date you do this (it may be identical, but not necessarily). Mine currently says "19/10/2005 09.15.00". As a rule of thumb, if the date shown is 7 days or more earlier then you haven't updated since then, even if you think you have. johnyrocker's advice is the best plan - probably just a glitch that a reinstall should cure. But make sure you delete every last bit of the previus installation or you'll have problems with the new one.

  FUl2tiV3 21:48 19 Oct 2005

click here re grey icon

click here trouble updating, this worked for me when i had similar problem on Win ME, was actually a problem with the Wininit.ini file. not had the problem on this clean install of xp sp2.

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