AVG Link Scanner/Avast

  SURVEY 12:55 06 Jan 2010

Can anyone tell me if Avast Free Edition provides the same protection as AVG Free. AVG includes a Link scanner which does not work with Zonealarm. Does Avast include similar protection as the Link Scanner in AVG? If so I will be changing to Avast.

  provider 2 13:10 06 Jan 2010

Avast doesn`t have a Link Scanner equivalent as far as I know, but Web Shield and Standard Resident Protection will give you a warning and stop the connection if you are about to blunder into a dodgy site.

This can be supplemented with Web of Trust, of course, and SpywareBlaster for extra protection.

  provider 2 14:13 06 Jan 2010
  SURVEY 14:13 06 Jan 2010

provider 2 0 thanks for this. I do have Spywareblaster and from what you say having the Webshield and Standard Resident Protection should do the equivalent trick. It is a sham ethat AVG & Zonealarm cannot be made to work together as I have grown used to both these programs. I am using Avast on another computer and it does seem to work fine.

  provider 2 16:40 06 Jan 2010

Having got used to a program, its no easy matter getting folk to change over to something else but as you already have experience of Avast you`ll know it`s a good, solid, reliable program that won`t let you down.

I don`t have any experience of AVG Linkscanner but I`ve read often enough of the problems it`s alleged to having been causing some users, mainly to do with excessive CPU usage, slow surfing, and slowing down the opening of links significantly.

In any case, nobody can be expected to keep up with what`s good and what isn`t on the net (400,000 new sites last month alone), so I think you do need a kind of advanced warning system and WOT does a good job, telling you exactly what other users have found: click here

Have a look and see what you think ... low on use of resources, free, and reliable.

  SURVEY 20:37 06 Jan 2010

Provider 2 - doesn't the Avast Webshield and Resident Protection give he advance warning which one can then choose to decide whether to continue to surf a site, rather than have to download another program such as WOT?

  T0SH 21:53 06 Jan 2010

Avast free does the link scan thing if you doubt it get Tcpview and have it open when you come onto or refresh this forum

Cheers HC

  SURVEY 10:10 07 Jan 2010

Tosh - Thanks for this. reckion I will change now from AVG Free to Avast Free.

  provider 2 10:52 07 Jan 2010

Good choice.

I think I should have said Avast doesn`t have an EXACT equivalent to Linkscanner in the sense that it doesn`t come up with any info for you until you click the link ... at which point it won`t leave you in any doubt that you are about to make a bad choice if you persist, and in the meantime it will have stopped the connection before it can do any harm anyway, usually reporting this in the log file (warnings section) as "Traces of (virus, trojan, whatever) have been found ..."

The advantage of a separate program, I think, is that you do get quite a lot of information about a site before you decide to go there.
The disadvantages, of course, are that a separate program will take up more space, although in the case of WOT, this is minimal ... the WOT servers carrying the load of info; all you have to do is access it.
The other thing is that assessing all these websites (25 million and more) for user safety is a mammoth task that takes time and effort, so some of these programs lag way behind. However, with millions of people doing exactly that and then reporting to WOT 24/7, the result is a much more flexible and responsive system.

Here`s the WOT rating page for PC Advisor: click here
Worth having, I think, even with Avast installed.

  SURVEY 11:02 07 Jan 2010

provider 2 - my thoughts exactly. Good to get confirmation from this forum. Will tick this thread as resolved now but any othrer views would be most welcome.

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