AVG licence numbers

  john-232317 17:29 15 Sep 2003

Does anyone know if the licence numbers for the free version are all the same or different ?

I downloaded a copy to cd for my mate," he is on Spanish dialup, 1 hr 38min to download, spanish ADSL 3.5 mins" but he still hasnt got his email through, i might try my number...;-0

regards john

  spikeychris 17:39 15 Sep 2003

Each is unique. If you downloaded it have you not received the serial number?

  john-232317 17:48 15 Sep 2003

When i downloaded it, i put his name and email addy, but he has not received it yet.

  spikeychris 17:53 15 Sep 2003

Looks like it won't allow that. You might want to download it again and use your own email address.

  Jack D 17:54 15 Sep 2003

Actually they are not unique, one size fits all. Your reg. should be ok.

  john-232317 17:55 15 Sep 2003

Yes probably the way forward..i will tick as resolved...cheers john

  john-232317 17:57 15 Sep 2003

Cheers will try my one..;-)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:07 15 Sep 2003

I've loaded AVG onto 6 computers in the last fortnight and the reg.no. is always the same.


  spikeychris 18:24 15 Sep 2003

Strange. There always different when I download 'em..

Such is life

  john-232317 12:08 16 Sep 2003

Just to let you know,the AVG download to CD went on his PC ok with my number.

The update was supposed to find the program itself, but XP could not find it, so i had to copy the file to grisoft update folder, but no sweat.

So he┬Ěs up and running again,many thanks again for the help.

regards john

  Jester2K II 12:14 16 Sep 2003

Any AVG Free License code works with any Free Edition installation. The only difference seems to be when you use different e-mail addresses. I often recommend and install the free version on peoples PCs. When i tried to "think outside the box" and get myself 10 or so codes ready i did it all with the same e-mail address. Lo and be hold the codes were all the same!!!!

I set someone up on BTOpenworld last night and there seems to be a delay in getting external e-mails once set up (same happened with same job, different customer that morning too)so in the end i used one of my Hotmail addresses to get the code and later when he gets his I'll change it over...

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