AVG internet security - renewal

  Diemmess 19:46 28 Mar 2012

An old friend who is only 90 yrs now .... and is progressively losing his sight. He has a problem with renewal of his AVG Internet security. I spent nearly an hour on the phone to him and at last after having him forward his email spotted the "Download" button which he hadn't seen! He said when had used the download button that the screen had gone white with nothing on it! (his eyesight is awful so I'm unsure of what he is doing.

I will have to make a 20mile round trip to see the man and want to set it for him, so anyone please with experience of full strength AVG ---

1). Is this version of AVG too cumbersome for his ageing computer? (O.S. is XP)

2).What must I look out for when I'am face to face with this problem?

3).I confess I changed to Avast a couple of years ago, but don't wish to scrap his choice of AVG since that is what he wants?

  birdface 20:07 28 Mar 2012

You can take control of his computer from your computer to save you a journey and may come in handy if he has any further problems.

Now the problem is I have never tried it before so you would need to get advice from someone that knows.

I must admit when I used AVG I could not get on with it's firewall so i just used Windows Firewall instead.

  Miké 20:29 28 Mar 2012
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:43 28 Mar 2012

AVG has free has become a bit bloatedAvastis lighter but requires a separate firewall for XP.

however if he's paying for the full version and used to it then best to stick with it at his age.

HAve you shown him the Accessability items under Accessories? magnifier and or narrator may prove useful if his sight is going.

  Diemmess 13:24 29 Mar 2012

His internet messages all have a red X in the boxes, and the vital download naturally did not perform. He was confused over the nature of of that emailed receipt, believing he had already downloaded, and would be charged over again!

Having "permitted" the download, AVG did the rest. The licence number was already there. Slight alarm when it proudly announced that it was Uninstalled. No worries because without a prompt it installed the new version and updated.

Phew! I'm glad I didn't do this to my (faster) PC - 50.0 Mb of overblown, much more than he needs, but it had been his decision and thus we were both. happy.

Thanks to all for info and reassurance.

I tried changing

  birdface 14:55 29 Mar 2012

Looks like it has a couple of new extras in it now.


  shellship 15:11 29 Mar 2012

I have had AVG Security since it was issued. Goes fine and does what it says on the tin without problems. There is an unresolved difficulty with MS Outlook which I use for email but this does not really bother me. I still have XP.

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