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  SallyC 18:20 06 Dec 2008

I went on line for the first time as a home user. A friend downloaded the AVG internet security free trial version which runs out on the 12th Dec.
I want to download the free version as I can't afford to pay the subscription right now. How do I cancel the free trial and can I download the free version once I've taken off the trial? Do I need to get anything else to go with the it - eg a firewall? If so any suggestions would be gratefully received
Many thanks Sally

  brundle 18:47 06 Dec 2008

Read this post; click here

Download the free antivirus suite here click here before removing the trial. Disconnect from the internet, uninstall the trial. Reboot. Install the free AVG. Reconnect to the internet.

  SallyC 10:22 08 Dec 2008

Many thanks for that Brundle - much appreciated. Do I need to download any other protection such as a firewall or does the free version cover everything my PC needs?
Thanks again

  SallyC 10:26 08 Dec 2008

Sorry - please ignore previous post. Thanks Brundle & skidzy for your advice. I will print it off and follow instructions and fingers crossed.
Thanks again - much appreciated.

  Pineman100 11:55 08 Dec 2008

Does your last post mean that you've sorted out a firewall? You should have one, in addition to your AVG Free antivirus.

This free one is well spoken of: click here

  john bunyan 19:06 08 Dec 2008

SallyC. Skidzy and brundle seem to be the gurus on this. I used to have a paid for suite - Bullguard - but still got a virus. I now have: Virus protection : AVG8 (Free); Anti spyware: Superantispyware (Free); Firewall: Commodo (Free). I have had no problems since using these for the last year. Also use CCleaner (Free) as daily "clear out" of cookies etc, and its registry cleaner, and occasionally use Eusing as a deeper registry cleaner (also free)

  Pineman100 09:22 09 Dec 2008

As this is the Absolute Beginers forum, I hope you won't mind my adding a word of caution about registry deep cleaners. These can be a bit dangerous in untutored hands.

So unless Sally C is knowedgeable about such things, it might be safer to give deep registry cleaning a miss.

  john bunyan 10:28 09 Dec 2008

Pineman100. I bow to your wise words! I just gave my own set up as a back up to the likes of skidzy, ie you can have a good set up of safety and cost nothing. Sally C: forget Eusing for now!!

  SallyC 20:53 09 Dec 2008

Many thanks to all for your advice - gratefully received and will adhere to all. I'm getting renew messages from AVG now so am going to change it tomorrow. Wish me luck & will come back if any problems.
Thanks again Sally

  skidzy 21:28 09 Dec 2008

Hi SallyC

Looks like your in good hands.

Just a small note of caution regarding any registry cleaner.Nothing is fool proof,but leaving ccleaner on its default settings is normally quite safe,however when you run the registry function of Ccleaner-you will be prompted to save the backup,always say yes and note where the backup has been saved to.

I would have to agree with other registry Cleaners,some can be a bit aggressive and in worse case scenarios,render your computer unbootable.

Upshot is ,stick to Ccleaner...it will do the job you need it to do.

Some instructions for you in the removal of AVG click here

Then run Ccleaner and the registry function as this will remove orphaned registry entries left over from the removal process as the uninstallation leaves bits behind.

Everything you need to know about removing and re-installation of AVG is in the link.

Good luck

  SallyC 18:24 14 Dec 2008

Hi - help please
Have removed the trial AVG and loaded the following:
AVG Free v8; Comodo firewall; Ccleaner; Superantispy; Spybot search & destroy. Am using Internet explorer 7. Am running on Windows XP.
1)Everytime I open a new window I am getting :
'Windows configuring ScanSoft OmniPage SE 4.0' then 'insert a CD Rom' instruction. I haven't deleted anything and followed the instructions for the protection. What should I do please?
2)Comodo highlighted 302 potential threats - mostly cookies. But some are AVG files and Windows Installer (eg MS130.tmp) I followed the instructions & quaratined them but might this be causing the problem? Also - what do I do with these files and where are they quarantined?
3)AVG says it contains antispyware - do I need Superantispyware as well or are they conflicting?
4)Lastly, for now!, there is an old Mozilla Firefox folder - should I uninstall it?
Many thanks for your help.

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