AVG includes certification as attachments

  exdragon 09:40 05 Nov 2005

Hi - I've just put AVG on my new PC and instead of the usual AVG certification being included on the bottom of each email, it's shown as an attachment. I've checked the Configure box in Mail Scanner, but the options are the same as they were before, ie, check incoming and outgoing mail, and the With Attachments Only box is unchecked.

I've got XP and Outlook 2002, the same as before the change - am I missing something? One of the earlier Search results said to set the certification to Text Only, but I can't see where.


  MidgetMan 10:49 05 Nov 2005

have you ticked the box's for certify mail? the box's should be

check incoming mail = ticked
check outgoing mail = ticked
certify mail = ticked
with attachments = unticked
you can then go to details and change/add to the message.

hope this helps


  exdragon 14:52 05 Nov 2005

Yes, those are the settings I have, but I'm not sure what you mean by 'you can then go to details and change/add to the message.' Could you let me know, please? (sorry for the delay in replying - been out shopping!)

  ACOLYTE 15:15 05 Nov 2005

As far as i know you can open the AVG folder goto the text file and type what you like in there save it and that shows on the emails.

  exdragon 19:31 05 Nov 2005

I don't really mind what it says, I just want it underneath my emails like it was on my previous computer instead of as an attachment with each incoming and outgoing email.

Anyone else any suggestions, please?

  pipedream 22:37 05 Nov 2005

I believe this is an annoying quirk of the latest version which can only be fixed by sending all e-mails as Plain Text rather than the default HTML, which is not ideal really. I have AVG running on several PC's and I've had to untick Certify Mail for both incoming & outgoing to prevent e-mails appearing to have attachments, a shame as the message is a useful feature. Otherwise AVG's great!

  exdragon 22:47 05 Nov 2005

I can't see why it should have been ok at 9.30am but by the time the new machine was up and running a couple of hours later, it had changed. It had been downloaded the day before, when the internet connection was carried out. Maybe I'll uninstall and reinstall to see if that makes a difference!

  Lionheart? 22:58 05 Nov 2005

Have a look here 4th post down click here

  exdragon 23:28 05 Nov 2005

That looks like it - will that be better than just sending everything as plain text, which seems to work also? I'll download the latest version tomorrow & give it a go!

Thanks to all

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