avg has 2 icons in start tray, 1 scanning and 1 no

  athenrye 13:31 06 Aug 2008

i have avg 8 on my computer
in the start try i have 2 iocns for avg
one that will open the svg control centre and 1 that has the small triangle saying scanning

but there nothing scanning and no programme running when i do cntl alt del to see my task manager

i can scan avg when i hit the scan button, it seems to work well, but whats this other rougue icon and why is it there

is rougue virus trying to fool me into thinking i have avg running when i have not

  Technotiger 13:34 06 Aug 2008

Have you tried right-click on the extra icon and then hit Exit?

  ened 13:40 06 Aug 2008

It happens occasioinally and is nothing to worry about

  athenrye 14:06 06 Aug 2008

thanks, i rebooted a couple of times and its away

  Sea Urchin 18:16 06 Aug 2008

That's because it's finished scanning - it will return. You have AVG set to run an auto-scan each day. Personally I prefer to run an AVG scan on demand and have disabled that function. To do that open AVG > Tools > Advanced Settings > Expand Schedules > click on Scheduled Scan > in the right-hand pane at the bottom uncheck Enable this Task > Apply and OK.

  eedcam 18:24 06 Aug 2008

I get the same thing and the box is unticked so that does not seem to work

  Sea Urchin 18:52 06 Aug 2008

you're right - since I posted that I now have the same thing happening as well. May be something in today's downloads?

  eedcam 19:22 06 Aug 2008

Dont know C urchin its been happening on mine for some time now

  Technotiger 19:28 06 Aug 2008

I have just manually updated my Free AVG with no problems at all - and no extra task bar icon!

  eedcam 22:36 06 Aug 2008

TechnoI had it before and after updates in fact dont always notice it it just pops up now and again exiting it does nowt

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