Is AVG as good as Norton etc.?

  Wizard of os 15:24 11 Jan 2004

I am quite a new user and want to have a av for my PC,my friend Proxy worm recommened AVG freeversion but is this as good as Norton. I dont really mind about gettin pop up blockers with norton as i have the google toolbar. But has ths got the same capabilities?


  Pesala 15:39 11 Jan 2004

Avant is also reckoned to be excellent, and is also free. It is often the case the free is not as good, but not always. I've been using AVG for a year, and never had any trouble.

  TommyRed 15:41 11 Jan 2004

Can't give you a really technical answer but more viruses appear to get through NAV than through AVG free, judging by the amount of threads about it on here. I use AVG free and may be biased but, touchwood, I've never been infected and my kids use certain sites where it can easily happen. HTH TR

  Pesala 15:41 11 Jan 2004

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Avant is a browser, not anti-virus.

  ©®@$? 15:44 11 Jan 2004

i have used AVG and norton

ditched AVG for norton

AVG was good for catching virus's but not at removing them

norton is good at both

in my opinion

  DieSse 15:47 11 Jan 2004

AVG in tests click here does not normally fare as well as Norton.

For the AV that does best in catching viruses and has least impact on system perfromance, and is fastest at scanning and (quote) "NOD32 remains the only antivirus product in the world that has not missed any In the Wild virus in Virus Bulletin tests for more than 5 years and has received more coveted Virus Bulletin 100% Awards than any competing antivirus product."

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  Jarvo 15:56 11 Jan 2004

I have used MacAfee and now use norton, ive installed AVG on a friends computer. and they all have thier merits.

AVG is free so you are less tempted to leave subscriptions out of date or in my friends case just forgeting about it (for 3 years).

Norton / MacAfee offer high levels of support and often come with firewalls and other extras. this gives you all your security in one control pannel and one update takes care of the lot.

I think what is more important is that you have Av and keep it upto date. The rest is just down to personal chioce.


  Dazwm 15:59 11 Jan 2004

I think Norton is great, it works in the background without knowing its there!

  Stuartli 16:09 11 Jan 2004

So does AVG... But it does know that it is there....:-))

I use to use NortonAV until Pipex stopped issuing it free of charge and, on the recommendation of my son (an IT support specialist whose knows all the different AVs' benefits and disadvantages), switched to the free version of AVG.

It has proved trouble free, the updates download and install within seconds even on dialup, and has been less trouble than Norton to maintain.

  mikef. 16:15 11 Jan 2004

Used to use AVG but dumped it when it missed a virus which NAV found and got rid off.

In this months ?Which they have tested anti virus softwear and AVG only comes out as average whilst NAV is reccomended. NAV dealing with viruses in zipped files as soon as the file was opened, wheras AVG, along with McAfee and Steganos, only dealt with these viruses when the infected file was run.

But whichever you choose remember any anti virus is only any good if you keep it up to date.

  DieSse 16:18 11 Jan 2004

"my son (an IT support specialist whose knows all the different AVs' benefits and disadvantages)"

What does he say are the disadvantages of NOD32??

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